15 Unique Multiple Ear Piercing Looks You'll Love ...


15 Unique Multiple Ear Piercing Looks You'll Love ...
15 Unique Multiple Ear Piercing Looks You'll Love ...

If you love piercings, you're in for a treat. Stylist has brought us some adorable pictures of women with multiple earrings. Use them as style inspiration!

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Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow You might as well learn from the best.


Mini Studs

Mini Studs You don't have to go big to look beautiful.



Assorted How adorable is this?


Statement Studs

Statement Studs Use your jewelry to make a big statement.


Hoop and Stud

Hoop and Stud You can keep it simple and still look sexy.


Assorted Hoops

Assorted Hoops If you love hoops, buy a bunch of them!


Assorted Hoops and Miniature Studs

Assorted Hoops and Miniature Studs This looks about as good as it gets.



Hoops The more hoops, the merrier.


Assorted Jewels

Assorted Jewels This looks fierce and fun!


Vintage Jewels

Vintage Jewels You'll sparkle like the sun with these!


Stars and Hoops

Stars and Hoops This star will make you look like a star!


Flower Studs

Flower Studs These will make you look feminine and fresh.


Straight Lines and Circles

Straight Lines and Circles This is great for summer or winter.


Elegant Assortment

Elegant Assortment You'll be the hit of any party with these in your ears.


Delicate Hoops

Delicate Hoops Keep it simple and you'll still look fab!

How many piercings do you have?

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2 in each. It's yet modern, elegant and bold.

One in each

I have none. I do appreciate the look of them and find them to be a beautiful way to decorate ones body, along with tattoos.

I have one in each but I want another one 🙂

does anyone know where to find cute and safe cartilage piercings?

I realliii love these!!!😍😍😍

1 in each ear, but I consider getting three more holes in my ears

4 in one ear two in the other

My conch healed quickly and the piercing itself was not so painful, 2 months and a half, everyone is different. I have 2 helix, 1 daith, 5 lobe, 1 rook and 4 days ago I got another 2 helix on my other ear that have been very troublesome.

They all gorgeous amazing

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