15 Timeless Pieces of Jewelry Every Lady Should Have ...


15 Timeless  Pieces of Jewelry Every Lady Should Have ...
15 Timeless  Pieces of Jewelry Every Lady Should Have ...

Every woman really needs to have a few classic pieces in her wardrobe (think LBD), but she also ought to have the timeless, "evergreen" jewelry pieces, too. What are these must-have bits of bling? Here's a handy list.

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Strand of Pearls

Strand of Pearls Price: $450 at tiffany.com
You can wear these with anything, from your fave LBD to your best interview outfit, and everything in between. Think Holly Golightly, and wear with panache.


Diamond Studs

Diamond Studs Price: $1,200 at tiffany.com
I have a pair of diamond studs - granted, not this luxe - that never leave my ears. They're timeless and they truly go with everything.


Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone Jewelry Price: $4,550 at tiffany.com
This is an emerald bracelet, but whatever your birthstone, there's bound to be something glittery and glam with your own gemstone.


Fancy-Dress Watch

Fancy-Dress Watch Price: $14,000 at tiffany.com
Granted, it needn't be this dressy or spendy, but at some occasions, you won't want to drag out your iPhone to check the time.


Casual Watch

Casual Watch Price: $3,500 at tiffany.com
You'll also want a watch for every-day use, and this one would do nicely.


Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace Price: $10,000 at tiffany.com
This choker would make an excellent statement piece — it's elegant and classy, yet bold and daring.


Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet Price: $19,000 at tiffany.com
I wouldn't wear something this nice to play tennis, but ... I'd wear it everywhere else, for sure!


Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet Price: $625 at tiffany.com
Whether you prefer a casual bracelet, like this one, or something you can personalize (like the ones from Ani and Alex), a charm bracelet is another classic piece.


Dainty Necklace

Dainty Necklace Price: $1,600 at tiffany.com
A dainty, delicate necklace is sort of the equivalent of diamond studs - versatile, something you can wear with anything, alone or layered.


Pearl Studs

Pearl Studs Price $225 at tiffany.com
These delicate freshwater pearls make a statement with or without the matching strand of pearls.


Cuff Links

Cuff Links Price: $475 at tiffany.com
Cuff links aren't just for men! Most of us have at least one shirt with French cuffs, and while they do come with button-links, a pair of actual cuff links add so much style!


Beautiful Brooch

Beautiful Brooch Price: $2,995 at tiffany.com
Whether you pin it to your coat or lapel, a brooch is an easy way to add color to any outfit.


Leather Bracelet

Leather Bracelet Price: $350 at tiffany.com
Whether you choose a thick cuff or a more dainty piece, a leather bracelet is classic, too.


Bangle Bracelet

Bangle Bracelet Price: $675 at tiffany.com
Worn alone or in an arm-party stack, a bangle is timeless, too.


Your Own Signature Necklace

Your Own Signature Necklace Price: $200 at tiffany.com
This silver bean is my go-to necklace, my signature piece. When I don't wear it, people comment. Find a piece that matches your personality and that has meaning, and make it your own!

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Way overpriced.

All of these pieces are so pretty. And I agree with others that have said you can find replicas. I love jewelry. =)

I'd rather wear a damn ring pop 😋 deliciously stylish

Pearls defo

I like them , it's just a shame I don't have the money

So the moral of the story is buy Tiffany's? -_- nooot necessary thanks

Oh grow up people. So the author likes Tiffany. What you going to do. Put her up against the wall in the revolution?  Moronic criticism.

@GJP Some normal, realistic people can't afford Tiffany's. And you criticizing people's opinions makes you the moronic critic dear.

The commission must be great !! Loooooooooool

I think some people are missing the point here. These types of pieces are made by so many makers and you don't have to have a Tiffany price tag to have the look of these pieces.

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