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Bring Back the 90s by Wearing These Cute Chokers ...

By Holly

Chokers were big in the 90s, but you can bring the trend back. After all, they're pretty darn adorable. According to Fashion Magazine, here are a few chokers that'll look amazing with your outfits:

Table of contents:

  1. Gold choker
  2. Circle choker
  3. Only love leather + stone choker necklace
  4. Signature choker
  5. Anita k barred for life sterling silver collar necklace

1 Gold Choker

$15 at Top Shop.

You'll look like a goddess with this gold choker!

2 Circle Choker

Buy it for $9 at ASOS.

If you like brown, then you need this in your jewelry drawer.

3 Only Love Leather + Stone Choker Necklace

Buy it for $29 on Urban Outfitters.

This piece of jewelry will really make you sparkle!

4 Signature Choker

Buy for $75 on Zanabayne.

You'll look badass while wearing this piece!

5 Anita K Barred for Life Sterling Silver Collar Necklace

Buy it for $60 on Nasty Gal.

This is simple, but it'll make a big statement.

Have you ever worn a choker before?

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