Adorable Pieces of Animal-Inspired Jewellery for Your Collection ...

These adorable pieces of animal inspired jewellery need a place in your jewellery collection! They are so sweet, and there is a piece for every occasion. Whether you prefer necklaces, earrings, rings, watches or all of the above, there is something here for every animal lover. Maybe you’ll find your next favourite accessory with these sweet pieces of animal inspired jewellery.

1. Pheasant Ear Cuff

Every girl who loves anything boho chic will appreciate this amazing ear cuff. This piece of animal inspired jewellery would look great with a wide-brimmed hat, singlet and maxi skirt at your favourite music festival. This pheasant feather ear cuff was designed by Anni JΓΌrgenson and can be found on Rave Ready for just $29.99.