29 Stunningly Beautiful Imperial Fabergé Eggs ...

The Imperial Fabergé eggs are among the most glorious works of art ever created. The work of Carl Fabergé, the eggs were made between 1885 and 1917 for the Imperial Russian family for whom he was the appointed jeweler. The House of Fabergé made many stunning pieces of jewelry but it is the Imperial Easter Eggs, significant for their exquisite materials and perfectly executed tooling that has the collecting world lusting after them. And lust they must, because there were only 52 made, of which 43 have survived. There are thousands of facsimiles but nothing will ever live up to the original Fabergé Eggs - the highest price paid to date for a genuine, original is $18.5million!

1. The Winter Egg

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Considered the most beautiful of the Fabergé Eggs. The egg is made from rock crystal, platinum, diamonds and moonstone. Every Fabergé Egg contains a "surprise" sometimes visible, sometimes hidden until the egg is opened. In this case, the surprise is a miniature basket of flowers made from platinum, gold, white quartz, jade and green garnets. The Winter Egg was made in 1913 and is currently owned by the State of Qatar.

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