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39 Pairs of Silver Earrings You Can Wear with Anything ...

By Eliza

Silver earrings are the perfect accessory because the color matches everything you own. Having a variety of pairs means you can mix and match each time you get dressed. If you need to round out your collection of silver earrings, you are going to love what you see on this list. Let me know which ones you love best.

1 Handmade Hoops

Handmade Hoops Via Origami Industrial Silver Earrings, Vol.2 ...
There's nothing better than handmade silver earrings and these are absolutely perfect.

2 Loops

Loops Via Sterling Silver Jewelry Earrings - ...
These are simple and stunning and would look great no matter what you wear them with.

Dorothy l would love a pair of these much?...

3 Raindrop

Raindrop Via Raindrop Sterling Silver Earrings
These are beautiful. You could make them dressy or casual really easily.

4 Silver Leaf EAR CUFF

Silver Leaf EAR CUFF Via Silver Leaf EAR CUFF - ...
Cuff earrings are a great alternative for people who don't have pierced ears, but they also work if you do.

5 Dab of Color

Dab of Color Via Argentium Earrings with Green Striped ...
The tiny green beads add just the right amount of color.

6 Fancy Teardrops

Fancy Teardrops Via Fancy Loops Long Teardrop Earrings ...
The embellishment on these drops makes them super cool.

7 A Little Bit Tribal

A Little Bit Tribal Via Sterling Silver Earrings - Hippie ...
The pattern on this pair of earrings is so fabulous.

8 Fleur De Lis

Fleur De Lis Via Fleur De Lis Sterling Silver ...
What an elegant pair of earrings these are, don't you think?

9 Lotus Charms

Lotus Charms Via Hammered spiral sterling silver earrings ...
The adorable little lotus flowers are just the right size for these earrings.

10 Amazonite

Amazonite Via Amazonite and Silver Earrings, Aqua ...
Another really great example of how a small stone can really enhance your silver.

11 Beach Stone and Silver Earrings

Beach Stone and Silver Earrings Via Beach Stone and Silver Earrings
I love handmade earrings and these are great.

12 Filigree Teardrop

Filigree Teardrop Via Filigree Teardrop Sterling Silver Earrings ...
Teardrop earrings are pretty popular and these embellished ones are cute.

13 Celtic Angel Heart

Celtic Angel Heart Via Celtic Angel Heart Sterling Silver ...
These would look great with jeans or your favorite cocktail dress.

14 Silver Thread Earrings

Silver Thread Earrings Via Long thread earrings with small ...
There is nothing you own that wouldn't look better with these earrings.

15 Coach Logo Circle Silver Earrings

Coach Logo Circle Silver Earrings Via Cheap And Fashion Coach Logo ...
If you love designer labels, and really, who doesn't, you are going to love these earrings.

16 Hammered Silver

Hammered Silver Via Hammered Silver Earrings / Small ...
The look of hammered silver is really pretty. What do you think?

17 Multiple Hoops

Multiple Hoops Via Medium Sterling Silver Earrings -19mm ...
Add personality to any outfit with these epic hoops.

18 Silver Filigree

Silver Filigree Via Silver Filigree Earrings - Boho,Chic,Elegant,Sterling ...
These look really fancy, but you can easily wear them with your most casual outfit.

19 Bell Flower Earrings

Bell Flower Earrings Via Flower Earrings, Modern, Sterling Silver, ...
These are really delicate and I would love to wear them every day.

20 Dangling

Dangling Via Wedding Earrings Chandelier -- Bridal ...
I love the way dangling silver earrings look when you wear your hair down.

21 Twisting Pattern

Twisting Pattern Via Sterling Silver Earrings, Double Silver ...
These are a great pattern and I love them.

22 Little Hoops

Little Hoops Via Sterling Silver Tiny Hoop
These aren't like any other hoop you're going to find.

Julie how do I buy these?...

23 Mixed Metals

Mixed Metals Via Black silver earrings. Oxidized silver ...
This is such a subtle way to mix metals. Would you wear these?

24 Amethyst with Sterling Silver

Amethyst with Sterling Silver Via Deli Earrings Amethyst and Sterling ...
Purple and silver look really wonderful together, which makes these earrings so perfect.

25 Unique Sterling Silver Earrings

Unique Sterling Silver Earrings Via
These great earrings speak for themselves. I love them!

barbara They are beautiful. How can I get info on size, m...

26 Coil Silver Earrings

Coil Silver Earrings Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
These handmade wonders would be super fun to wear.

AmyP I really love the uniqueness of these?...

27 Silver Squares

Silver Squares Via Matt silver earrings
These basic silver squares are really fun and would match anything you own.

28 Wave and Pearl

Wave and Pearl Via Long and Dangle silver Earrings ...
The soft bronze really works with the brushed silver

29 Sterling Silver Sculptures

Sterling Silver Sculptures Via Sterling Silver Earrings, Sculptural Sterling ...
If you're into something a little different, these are the earrings for you.

30 Small and Simple

Small and Simple Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
These understated beauties are absolutely magnificent.

31 Large Statement Earrings

Large Statement Earrings Via Sterling Silver Statement Earrings, Large ...
On the other hand, if you want to stand out, these are the earrings you need.

32 Rectangular Earrings

Rectangular Earrings Via Donna D'Aquino Artist Profile | ...
For something a little different, choose rectangles.

33 With Tiny Beads

With Tiny Beads Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Adding a short string of small beads really enhances the cool silver parts.

34 Hoops

Hoops Via
These fancy hoops are really fun, don't you think?

35 Fun Spirals

Fun Spirals Via Fold Forming Metalwork
These are super elegant and sophisticated and any girl would benefit from owning them.

36 Blue Turquoise Sterling Silver Earrings

Blue Turquoise Sterling Silver Earrings Via blue turquoise sterling silver earrings
There is something about the combination of turquoise and silver that just works so well together.

37 Fun

Fun Via flourish / 14K gold and ...
These are unlike anything else you'll ever see.

38 With Pearls

With Pearls Via Heart butterfly wings earrings. Sterling ...
Silver and pearls complement each other wonderfully.

39 Trees

Trees Via Trees Sterling silver earrings, dangle ...
These engraved trees are adorable.

How many pairs of silver earrings do you own? Do you see any you simply must have?

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