Medusa Piercing and Other Edgy Facial Jewelry You'll Want ASAP ...


Medusa Piercing and Other Edgy Facial Jewelry You'll Want ASAP ...
Medusa Piercing and Other Edgy Facial Jewelry You'll Want ASAP ...

I admit, I'm not a huge fan of facial piercings, but I can't deny that they offer wonderful, beautiful ways to express yourself-I just don't see myself being able to pull off any looks and it makes me sad. They're also becoming much more accepted – granted, some more than others, but because of this, it pays to be aware of both traditional and edgier facial piercings. If you're thinking of getting pierced or simply like the look of piercings on other people, check out these gorgeous examples!

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The Medusa

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Here's another great Medusa, and she's also rocking some serious plugs which look fantastic on her.


The Medusa piercing is a type of facial jewelry that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is named after the mythical creature, Medusa, who had snakes for hair. The piercing is a vertical labret piercing, which is placed in the center of the upper lip. It is usually adorned with a barbell, which is a type of jewelry with a ball on either end.

The Medusa piercing is often combined with other facial piercings to create a unique look. For example, it can be combined with a septum piercing, a nose piercing, or even a web piercing. The piercing is also sometimes combined with a Monroe piercing, which is a piercing placed in the same spot as Marilyn Monroe's signature beauty mark.

The Medusa piercing is relatively easy to care for. It should be cleaned with a saline solution at least twice a day, and should also be checked regularly for any signs of infection. It is also important to make sure that the jewelry is not too tight, as this can cause discomfort and even lead to infection.


Nose Piercing

color,eyebrow,face,eye,cheek, Source: Lovely-Piercings

This has to be one of my ideal facial piercings! It's so classic and I would love to have one (I'm probably too old to get it done now) so I just admire them on others.


Nose piercings, in their subtle rebellion, add a dash of edge yet maintain an air of sophistication. Whether it's a demure stud or a jazzy hoop, the versatility is endless. And don't let age be a deterrent! It’s all about attitude and how you carry yourself. Embracing your individuality can include a sparkly nose accessory. Plus, you’re in great company; throughout history, nose piercings have signified strength and beauty across various cultures. Why not let your face be your canvas and let a tiny piece of jewelry make an empowering statement?


Septum Piercing

eyewear,hair,face,glasses,white, Source: Dreads

This is a different take on a traditional nose piercing. Would you ever get your septum pierced? I wanted it but I'm afraid it would hurt.


Dimple Piercing

hair,human hair color,color,red,face, Source: 13 | March | 2013 ...

This girl has a lot going on and it's all gorgeous, but pay special attention to the adorable dimple piercings!


Dimple piercings capture playful charm and youthful exuberance, adding a unique twist to your look. Think of them as semi-permanent dimples, glistening when you smile and providing an elegant sparkle to frame your grin. The piercings are done on the cheeks where natural dimples would appear, creating a symmetrical adornment that's hard to ignore. Trendsetters and bold fashionistas are choosing these piercings to stand out. Though cute, it's important to remember they require meticulous care to avoid infection. If you're daring enough, dimple piercings can truly accentuate your facial features with a blend of subtle beauty and edgy vibe.


For the Boys

hair,facial hair,beard,face,man, Source: Beautiful bearded boy with heterochromia ...

Of course facial piercings aren't just for girls!


Many guys are rocking the medusa piercing with a rebellious flair, making a daring statement that defies traditional gender norms. This central upper lip piercing pairs remarkably well with other facial hair styles, beards or stubble, injecting a dose of rugged charm into the mix. It's not just a symbol of edginess but also an expression of individuality—each piercing tells a unique story. Gentlemen, embracing your bold side has never looked so stylish! Whether it's a solo medusa or an ensemble of facial adornments, these tiny pieces of metal are a nod to personal freedom and fashion-forward thinking.


Slightly Tribal

face,color,hair,eyebrow,nose, Source:

There is something tribal about these piercings, from the color to the double septum. I love the way her nose studs match the Medusa, also known as a philtrum piercing.


This look exudes a raw, unconventional vibe that signifies a bold personal statement. The harmonious blend of metallic tones and symmetry instills a sense of modern edge while nodding to ancient customs. The double septum especially pushes the envelope, redefining beauty norms and embracing a fierce aesthetic. It's a testament to personal style and cultural homage that turns heads and sparks conversations.


Perfect Symmetry

color,face,blue,hair,nose, Source:

Absolute perfect symmetry, and while there's a lot going on here, you've got to admire it.


Dimples II

hair,color,face,purple,black hair, Source: MULTICOLOR 2

These are just so cute!


Dimples II is a type of facial jewelry that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is a small, silver-colored barbell that is inserted into the cheek, creating two dimples in the face. It is often used as an alternative to traditional piercings, as it does not require any large amounts of stretching or healing time.

The barbell is usually made of titanium, stainless steel, or gold, and is relatively easy to insert. It typically takes about 10-15 minutes to insert, and the procedure is relatively painless. Dimples II can be worn for up to a year, and can be removed at any time.

Dimples II is a great way to add a unique edge to your look. It can be worn with any outfit, and can be used to accentuate your features. It is also a great way to add a touch of glamour or sophistication to your look.

Dimples II is a great choice for those looking for a subtle, yet edgy look. It is a great way to express your individual style and stand out from the crowd. It is also a great way to add a touch of glamour to your everyday look.


Stunning Symmetry

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I know I titled something similarly previously but look at the beauty here: septum aligned with labret and offset by snakebites.


The Medusa piercing really stands out as the centerpiece amidst the symmetrical metal adornments, drawing attention to the cupids bow and emphasizing the lips' natural pout. Daring and bold, yet exquisitely balanced, it pairs perfectly with the more subtle yet equally cool nostril piercings. This facial jewelry ensemble creates a look that's both harmonious and high-impact, ensuring you turn heads while still keeping the aesthetic clean and intentional. For those looking to make a statement without saying a word, this combination might just be the winning ticket.


The Eyes Have It

eyebrow,face,nose,eyelash,eye, Source: Piercings

Here you have an eyebrow piercing and an anti-eyebrow. Very edgy and unique.


To the Teeth

facial expression,face,nose,red,close up, Source: Angelina-gasms

I have my tongue pierced but I don't think I could do this. Known as the smiley piercing, this one is very fierce!


Single Snakebite

lip,face,lipstick,beauty,nose, Source: all done up

This one is such a simple and gorgeous facial piercing. Depending on the stud you have it you could look so edgy or sweet with this.


The Single Snakebite piercing is a real head-turner, making a subtle or bold statement depending on your choice of jewelry. Picture this: a dainty diamond for that touch of class or a bold metallic spike for an all-out rocker vibe. It's all about expressing your unique style. And the best part? It's versatile! You can rock a single stud today and switch to a hoop for tomorrow's night out. Placement is key, and the beauty is in the balance—it’s like your face is the canvas, and the piercing is the masterpiece!


Sharp and Pointy

face,eyebrow,white,blue,nose, Source: Tattoo & Girls & Piercing

Her mouth is a weapon. Total sex appeal!


Bridge plus Labret

color,face,blue,hair,woman, Source: Silje

There's some serious symmetry here as well, and it's stunning.


Monroe Mixed with Viper Bites

face,eyebrow,pink,nose,cheek, Source:

Love the viper bites! And they go so well with the Monroe.


Combining viper bites, which consist of two piercings placed side by side on the lower lip, with a classic Monroe—a single stud above the upper lip on the left side—creates a truly captivating look. It's a dance between bold and subtle, where the Monroe brings a flash of old-school glam, and the viper bites inject a touch of the rebel spirit. Perfect for those who want their facial jewelry to whisper rockstar elegance with every smile. Dare yourself to embrace both, and watch as the compliments slither in.



nose,jewellery,fashion accessory,mouth,organ, Source: thinkingkillsthefeeling

True, your tongue's not quite on your face, but it's … in your face? Besides, it's too popular not to include!


Shark Bites

face,facial expression,blue,person,photograph, Source: Piercings

In addition to having his eyebrow and septum pierced, this edgy cutie has shark bites – that's what you call it when you have double piercings on both sides of your lower lip.


Vertical Labret

hair,face,nose,pink,beauty, Source: How Much is Seventy Percent ...

Like the earlier photo, this is a take on the traditional labret – the vertical labret. So sexy!


Beautiful Balance

hair,face,eyebrow,nose,hairstyle, Source:

Here, a septum piercing pairs beautifully with a Medusa.



hair,face,eyebrow,black hair,nose, Source: Needles

That's actually what this is called, the anti-eyebrow! It's an excellent alternative if you're afraid an eyebrow piercing won't take.


Angel Bites

color,face,facial expression,hair,nose, Source: nice nose piercings | Tattoo ...

When you have two piercings above your upper lip like this lovely girl, they're called angel bites.


Angel bites are a type of facial piercing that involves two symmetrical piercings above the upper lip. They are also known as "snake bites" or "cupid's bow piercings." This piercing style has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among women. It is considered an edgy and bold choice in facial jewelry, adding a unique touch to one's appearance. The placement of angel bites is crucial, as it requires precision and symmetry to achieve the desired look. It is important to consult with a professional piercer before getting this piercing to ensure proper placement and aftercare.


Monroe Piercing

face,pink,lip,nose,mouth, Source: Master Pierce Ltd. | Professional ...

Named for Marilyn Monroe, because of her iconic beauty mark, this is a big favorite, especially among women who love retro looks. Some people also refer to it as the Madonna.


Facial Art

hair,face,hairstyle,nose,blond, Source: Fotos del Muro

Snakebites, Medusa, septum piercing, nose ring – she's got it covered!


Multiple Piercings

hair,face,eyebrow,black,black hair, Source: emo girl with piercings

Here, the lip piercings are snakebites – because there's one on each side. She's also rocking an eyebrow ring, and a really badass bridge.


A Lovely Collection

eyebrow,face,hair,cheek,nose, Source: Piericings

This is proof positive that even a collection of piercings can look absolutely lovely. So small and subtle!


Kicking the Hornet's Nest

color,hair,face,blue,clothing, Source: Dark Goth Girls

Doesn't this gorgeous girl put you in mind of Lisbeth Salander?


Luscious Labret

lip,face,pink,nose,cheek, Source: b o r i n ...

This is a great take on a labret piercing.


Massive Medusa

clothing,fashion accessory,fashion,gentleman,formal wear, Source: Body Mods

This picture is proof gauges can go anywhere and still look good!


Microdermal Implants

face,eyebrow,hair,cheek,person, Source: [Pieces_Of_Me]

I could never do this but it looks pretty cool on other people.


Viper Bites

eyebrow,lip,face,cheek,nose, Source: Different Kinds of Facial Piercings

When you have two piercings on one side of your lower lip, they're called viper bites. I feel like you'd have to have the right lips to pull this off but when you do it looks awesome!


Dimples for Days

arm,hairstyle,facial hair,portrait, Source: TheyCryWolfe

Tell me these don't look just as amazing on a guy.

Facial piercings offer a great way to express yourself. Do you have any piercings, or are there any you're dying to get?

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very interesting. :)



Gross gross gross...yes, I am being judgmental ...

It's really rude to say some one's body art is "ugly" or "disgusting." Just because it's not something you would personally get or something you really understand, it doesn't give you the right to judge these people. They like it. Get over yourselves.

They're all disgusting.

For those who do this. Is it purely for fashion or is it also for the sensations. Not my cup of T. But to each his own.

I would love to get a labret!

Just be sure it won't keep you out of a job. You may love it...but your employer may not. And in some professions, piercings are a hygiene no-no.

Some of the piercings scare me BC of the pain like well it not for me props to the peeps who can pull it off

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