7 Dazzling Statement Ear Cuffs to Shake up Your Look This Fall ...


Statement ear cuffs are a great way to shake up your look for fall.

Ear cuffs are certainly having a trending moment right now and they come in a range of different shapes, sizes and designs.2

Whether you’re after a different take on cocktail jewellery or a stand-out daytime accessory, an ear cuff is the right way to go about it this season.

Take a look at these statement ear cuffs that will add that extra spark to your outfit.

1. Swarovski Crystal Ear Cuff

Swarovski Crystal Ear Cuff

Ryan Storer is gaining quite a cult following thanks to his dazzling statement ear cuffs.

Featuring an array of Swarovski crystals, his ear cuffs are the ultimate statement makers.

This rose-gold ear cuff features faceted Swarovski crystals, is inlaid with four pearls, and has a double closure for non pierced ears.

It also comes with a single stud earring inlaid in rose gold.

Be prepared to splash out though, as this ear cuff will set you back a couple of hundred dollars.

Jewel Ear Cuff
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