31 Edgy Examples of Facial Piercings ...


I admit, I'm a big fan of facial piercings.

I know they're not for everyone, but if they're up your alley, I'm sure you'll agree that they offer wonderful, beautiful ways to express yourself.

They're also becoming much more accepted – granted, some more than others, but because of this, it pays to be aware of both traditional and edgier facial piercings.

If you're thinking of getting pierced or simply like the look of piercings on other people, check out these gorgeous examples!

1. Nose Piercing


Via Lovely-Piercings

This used to be one of my ideal facial piercings – but it hurts to get your cartilage pierced!

So now I just admire it on other people!

2. Septum Piercing


Via Dreads

This is a different take on a traditional nose piercing.

Would you ever get your septum pierced?

3. Dimple Piercing

hair,human hair color,color,red,face,

Via 13 | March | 2013 ...

This girl has a lot going on and it's all gorgeous, but pay special attention to the adorable dimple piercings!

4. For the Boys

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Via Beautiful bearded boy with heterochromia ...

Of course facial piercings aren't just for girls!

5. Slightly Tribal


Via bodymodificationbible.tumblr.com

There is something tribal about these piercings, from the color to the double septum.

I love the way her nose studs match the Medusa, also known as a philtrum piercing.

6. Perfect Symmetry


Via lovelydyedlocks.tumblr.com

I just love her look, don't you?

Absolute perfect symmetry.

7. Dimples II

hair,color,face,purple,black hair,


These are just so cute!

8. Stunning Symmetry


Via simply-a-dyehard.tumblr.com

I know I titled something similarly, but look at the beauty here: septum aligned with labret, offset by snakebites.

9. The Eyes Have It


Via Piercings

Here you have an eyebrow piercing and an anti-eyebrow.

Love it!

10. The Medusa

hair,color,human hair color,facial expression,human action,

Via deadfix.com

Here's another great Medusa, and she's also rocking some serious plugs.

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