21 Awesome Pieces of Stacked Jewelry We Can't Get Enough of ...


Stacked jewelry is all the rage right now, but you probably already know that since you're seeing it everywhere. Want in on the trend? Me too! Which is why I put together this fantastic list of great pieces to get your collection started. I'm sure you'll keep on finding fabulous things to add as you go. Happy shopping!

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Gunmetal Rings

Gunmetal Rings alexisbittar.com
These rings will easily match pretty much everything you own so they are the perfect investment.


Rose Gold Circle Rings

Rose Gold Circle Rings nordstromrack.com
Rose gold is super trendy right now. These are actually sterling, but you still get the effect.


Gold Chain Ring

Gold Chain Ring bcbg.com
What would you pair this fabulous ring with?


Stackable Rings with Edge

Stackable Rings with Edge gilt.com
Want to add some edgy appeal to your look? You can totally do that with these rings.


Designer Style

Designer Style neimanmarcus.com
You've gotta love Micheal Kors because he creates fabulous things like this ring.


With Red Stones

With Red Stones lordandtaylor.com
The red stones in this stacked ring give it some personality and flair that you'll love wearing every day.


Silver Celestial

Silver Celestial bluefly.com
These silver rings will enhance any outfit you wear them with.


Horn Stacking Bracelets

Horn Stacking Bracelets lastcall.com
These neutral bracelets are super easy to pair with many colors so you can wear them with virtually anything.


Silver Cuffs

Silver Cuffs solesociety.com


Textured Gold Bangles

Textured Gold Bangles shop.nordstrom.com
At this affordable price, you can afford to wear these every day without guilt.


Boho Chic

Boho Chic bloomingdales.com
Go totally casual with these fab boho bracelets. Do you love them?


Simple and Gorgeous

Simple and Gorgeous lastcall.com
These bracelets might be simple, but they look gorgeous on your arm with any outfit.


Lots of Beautiful Turquoise

Lots of Beautiful Turquoise bloomingdales.com
Turquoise is my favorite color so these top my must-have list. What about you?


Beaded Delights

Beaded Delights <a href="https://www.net-a-porter.com/us/en/product/572066?cm_mmc=polyvore-desktop-_-cpc-_-bracelets%20%26%20bangles-_-
These blue beaded bracelets would look awesome with a pair of jeans and a sweater.


A Little Bit Tribal

A Little Bit Tribal whitehouseblackmarket.com
This necklace would look outstanding against a brightly colored sweater.


Beautiful Red Beads

Beautiful Red Beads nordstromrack.com
These red beads will add instant pizzazz to anything you wear.


Silver Waterfall

Silver Waterfall shop.nordstrom.com
This lovely silver necklace is feminine and would look great at the office or on your days off.


Tri-strand with a Bit of Color

Tri-strand with a Bit of Color lordandtaylor.com
Just a hint of color and three delicate chains make this list an obvious choice.


Twisted and Stacked Beads

Twisted and Stacked Beads belk.com
Neutral beads mean you can wear this great piece with lots of the things in your closet.


Keeping It Simple

Keeping It Simple shop.nordstrom.com
This simple stack of chains would add sophistication and glamour to your little black dress.


Chevron Stacked on One Chain

Chevron Stacked on One Chain shop.nordstrom.com
This necklace is great because it has the appearance of being stacked, but only has one chain so they don't get tangled.

Which one is your favorite? What will you wear it with?

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Love love love 🍂👻🍃🎃

Love most of them but number two is my favourite

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