21 Pieces of Floral Jewelry to Flaunt in Spring ...


Spring is just around the corner and if you're anything like me, you are super excited! I love when I can get out my warm weather clothes and start wearing more jewelry because I'm not so covered up. Ready to update your spring wardrobe? You're going to need this jewelry to go with it. Happy shopping!

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Beautiful Statement Necklace

Beautiful Statement Necklace bloomingdales.com
This slight pastel shimmer makes this the ultimate spring necklace.


Cute Little Studs

Cute Little Studs blingjewelry.com
Is there a color more perfect for spring than this one?


Fun Little Bracelet

Fun Little Bracelet belk.com
Pretty, isn't it?


Beaded Floral Necklace

Beaded Floral Necklace lanecrawford.com
I bet you have a spring sweater that this necklace would look awesome with.


Crystal Earrings

Crystal Earrings calypsostbarth.com
These are neutral enough to go with everything you own, but floral enough to be ideal for your spring wardrobe.


Sparkly Stud Earrings

Sparkly Stud Earrings lordandtaylor.com
What would you wear these with?


Gold Rose Bracelet

Gold Rose Bracelet forever21.com
Here's something you can wear every single day of the spring.


Lovely Feminine Watch

Lovely Feminine Watch zappos.com
The colors and flowers on this watch make it an outstanding choice for spring this year.


Cocktail Ring

Cocktail Ring boutique1.com
You can wear this fantastic ring to all of your spring garden parties.


Pretty Cuff Bracelet

Pretty Cuff Bracelet novica.com
I love how this bracelet looks with a neutral colored sundress.


Floral Drop Earrings

Floral Drop Earrings lordandtaylor.com
You love these, don't you?


Lovely Purple Brooch

Lovely Purple Brooch Health
Brooches aren't just for grandmas anymore. Pretty, huh?


Diamonds and Sapphires

Diamonds and Sapphires allurez.com
Next time you feel a splurge coming on, this is what you should definitely spend it on.


For Your Hair

For Your Hair blingjewelry.com
Wearing jewelry in your hair is never a bad idea!


Simple Purple Flowers

Simple Purple Flowers jcpenney.com
Pair this with everything, both casual and dressed up.


Cute Flowers for Your Arm

Cute Flowers for Your Arm belk.com
This one tops my list of must haves! What about you?


Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink belk.com
Aren't these beautiful?


A Whole Bouquet

A Whole Bouquet lordandtaylor.com
I love how all of the flowers on this necklace are a little bit different.


A Total Statement

A Total Statement shop.nordstrom.com
You'll look wonderful anywhere you decide to wear this necklace.


Stacking Bracelets

Stacking Bracelets us.accessorize.com
These delicate little beauties can be worn individually or all at once.


Something Totally Different

Something Totally Different novica.com
Want something that no one else will have? Here it is!

Which pieces are you dying to have? What will you wear them with?

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Love 15

Oooooh, there are so many pretty pieces! I agree with you about #16; I would not mind having that myself. 💕

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