How Engagement Rings Have Changed over the Years ...

By Holly

How Engagement Rings Have Changed over the Years ...

The engagement ring that your future husband gives you probably won't look the same as the ring that your mother wears on her finger or the ring that your grandmother owns. Styles change over the years. According to Marie Claire, here's an example of how engagement rings have changed over the years:

Remember that you don't have to wear an engagement ring from this century's style. If you prefer the looks from the 1940s or 1960s, then let your boyfriend know so he can get something special made up for you.

Which one of these engagement rings is your favorite?

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The 1980's looks sleek ♥

I prefer yellow gold, so not many choices for me in the video...


I like the 1920's, 1980,s & 2000's.

I'm a fan of the 90's and 2010 rings