Chic Watches Thatll Help You Count down to the New Year ...

By Eliza

Chic Watches Thatll Help You Count down to the New Year ...

The New Year is almost here and you're probably gearing up for a nighttime of counting down. What could make it easier and more stylish than a fabulous new watch? Any of these will let you ring in the New Year in a super trendy way and hey, who doesn't love getting one more present after Christmas has come and gone. I bet you'll want at least a couple of these fab watches!

Table of contents:

  1. style with some bling
  2. small but glamorous
  3. pink bracelet watch
  4. something metallic
  5. golden beauty
  6. precious silver
  7. wraparound style
  8. make a statement
  9. bangle watch
  10. totally stylish
  11. fancy twisted pattern
  12. adorable owl
  13. total glamour
  14. rose gold
  15. a little bit of pink
  16. a splurge watch
  17. affordable luxury

1 Style with Some Bling
This sparkly watch is perfect for any New Year celebration.

2 Small but Glamorous
This watch has just the right amount of bling to make it perfect for any party.

3 Pink Bracelet Watch
This watch replaces your party bracelets and is such a fun party color too!

4 Something Metallic
This shiny masterpiece is going to be your new favorite accessory.

5 Golden Beauty
This watch is simple, but will still make you stand out in a good way!

6 Precious Silver
Prefer silver? This one is for you.

7 Wraparound Style
This is a unique way to wear your watch, but I promise you'll get loads of compliments.

8 Make a Statement
Want to stand out on New Year's Eve? At a price like this, you can't afford not to have this watch.

9 Bangle Watch
If you want to dress up your party style, this charm watch is the perfect way to do it.

10 Totally Stylish
This watch looks great dressed up or casual so you can't go wrong by adding it to your collection.

11 Fancy Twisted Pattern
What would you wear this one with?

12 Adorable Owl
You'll love counting down to the New Year with this cute owl friend.

13 Total Glamour
This watch is glamorous enough to pair with your favorite LBD.

14 Rose Gold
This rose gold color is super trendy right now so this watch is a fabulous choice.

15 A Little Bit of Pink
You can never go wrong with a little bit of pink in your style.

16 A Splurge Watch
This one isn't cheap, but you'll be so glad you bought it!

17 Affordable Luxury
At this price, how can you not want to snap this one right up.

Which one is your favorite? What kind of New Year celebration are you having this year?

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