11 Best Cuff Bracelets ...


11 Best Cuff Bracelets ...
11 Best Cuff Bracelets ...

There are some really great cuffs out there, but can they all say that they’re the best cuff bracelets? No they can’t, but we can help show you which ones can add themselves to that list. Here you’ll find a great compilation of cuffs that you need to own! Here are some of the best cuff bracelets that you need to see!

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Kenneth Jay Lane Hammered Cuff

Kenneth Jay Lane Hammered Cuff Talk about stylish! This is one of the best cuff bracelets out there right now, can’t you see why? This is an almost classic look because of the comparisons that can be drawn from Wonder Woman or even the days of Ancient Greece. It looks very classy and expensive and it guaranteed to get you some compliments. A simple statement piece that can complete any outfit. Not to mention that it’s 22k goldplated, how luxurious would that make you feel?!

Price: $145 at net-a-porter.com


Gorjana Teagan Cuff

Gorjana Teagan Cuff This is a simple, yet elegant, piece that would look good with any outfit. It’s gold plated with a lightly hammered texture to add a little worn look to it. The hammered look has been popping up everywhere these days, so why not make sure you’re part of this style with this cuff? Not only is it beautiful and simple, but it shows a little skin which keeps it from looking too clunky.

Price: $115 at shopbop.com


Free People Pyrite and Stones Cuff

Free People Pyrite and Stones Cuff Sometimes an outfit needs a little bit of sparkle, so just throw on this cuff and it’ll help to add some shine to your day. This cuff is made with brass and pyrite stones to great a crafty, yet expensive, looking accessory. Not a fan of the cuff in this picture, don’t worry about that the Free People website has multiple options of this style to choose from!

Price: $68 at freepeople.com


Rubber Rock Cuff by Marc by Marc Jacobs

Rubber Rock Cuff by Marc by Marc Jacobs They weren’t kidding when they called this cuff a rock! Make out of silicone, this cuff looks like a beautiful and fun rock on your wrist. It takes a turn from the neutral colors or the metals and goes in a direction that you need to dare to wear! This gorgeous cuff comes in a modern, yet playful, blue that anyone would be happy to wear. You’ll almost look like you’re wearing a piece of modern art when you have this on your wrist.

Price: $58 at zappos.com


Alexis Bittar Liquid Rose Gold Collection Small Pave Interlaced Cuff

Alexis Bittar Liquid Rose Gold Collection Small Pave Interlaced Cuff This beautiful rose gold tone plated and Swarovski crystal cuff is almost stunning to look at. It’s extremely delicate and is almost prettier because it’s not made to look completely perfect. This cuff is reminiscent almost of a spider web. It can’t be easy to make a spider web look as beautiful as this cuff does! It’s hard to decide what the best part of this cuff is, the beautiful weaving or the crystals scattered over it.

Price: $198 at bloomingdales.com


Giles & Brother Railroad Spike Cuff Bracelet

Giles & Brother Railroad Spike Cuff Bracelet This brass cuff looks like someone stretched out a nail and turned it into a beautiful piece of jewelry. The cuff is so simple and thin that it can easily be paired with other cuffs or bracelets ro complete the look or be used alone as a simple accessory to draw attention to your wrist. Sometimes an outfit needs something simple and other times you need to stack multiple accessories to get the right look! Whichever you decide to do, this cuff should be featured on your wrist.

Price: $65 at gilesandbrother.com


Tory Burch Logo Skinny Double-Snap Cuff Bracelet

Tory Burch Logo Skinny Double-Snap Cuff Bracelet Sometimes metal isn’t what your outfit calls for or maybe you just don’t like metal accessories, so here’s an alternative. A simple leather and buckle cuff to complete a look. Worried about the color shown in the picture? Well, don’t worry any further because it comes in more than just that vibrant orange. Just snap it around your wrist for a quick pop of color that you may need.

Price: $95 at toryburch.com


Gorjana Cross over Cuff Bracelet

Gorjana Cross over Cuff Bracelet This cuff screams back to basics. Not only does it have sweet and tiny crosses, which is a simple design that is sweet and pretty, but it’s also is just a basic metal. It doesn’t look like much, but you don’t always need to scream look at me with your accessories. It’s 18k gold plated and comes in both silver and gold. You don’t need to be religious to want this adorable cross cuff that will make a pretty and simple addition to any wardrobe.

Price: $90 at gorjana-griffin.com


Giles & Brother Cortina Cuff

Giles & Brother Cortina Cuff There’s a reason that Giles and Brother has popped up on this list twice, they sure know what they’re doing when it comes to cuffs! While this looks like a simple accessory, it’s sure to draw some eyes to your wrist. It’s made with rose gold plating and an interesting design to make a statement on whoever wears it. This cuff is the perfect combination of simple and bold.

Price: $185 at gilesandbrother.com


Vince Camuto ‘Basics’ Cuff

Yes, it’s a “basic” cuff, but really it makes such a statement that it doesn’t really fit the name. They suggest pairing it up with other bracelets, cuffs, or bangles, but I think this looks perfect on it’s own. The 14k gold plated cuff comes in both silver and gold. There’s no way to go wrong with this cuff, it’s just stunning to look at! It doesn’t feel as delicate as it looks and it’s not chunky or heavy on your wrist. It looks delicate but feels strong when you wear it, it’s a perfect blend!

Price: $48 at shop.nordstrom.com


Anthropologie Golden Pleat Cuff

Anthropologie Golden Pleat Cuff This gorgeous gold plated brass cuff was handmade in Argentina for you to enjoy. It’s adjustable to make sure that it fits anyone who chooses to wear it and it makes a statement on anyone’s wrist. This is a great timeless piece that won’t ever go out of fashion. The blend of gold plated brass and black enamel come together to make a beautiful design that will make a statement for anyone who wears it.

Price: $128 at anthropologie.com

Sometimes an outfit calls for a little more than a normal bracelet, so why not try a cuff? There’s an array of options to choose from, but you should have access to the very best out there. Choosing from this list will help point you in the right direction to add some gorgeous accessories into your normal rotation.

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