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I first saw rings by Le Vian when I was window shopping at a jewelry store a few years ago, and was struck by the uniqueness of their jewelry. The company was founded by Mr. A. LeVian in 1950, whose family history includes guarding the royal jewels in the sixteenth century for King Nadir Shah of Persia! Obviously, the LeVian family has a long history with jewelry, and it shows in some the designs that are inspired by antique pieces. What I love about Le Vian jewelry, especially the rings by Le Vian, is the distinctiveness of the designs. The company also uses various enhancing methods to change and brighten the colors of natural gemstones, and the results of these methods are often stunning. As much as I love their jewelry, for now these pieces have to remain on a wish list because they are too expensive for my current budget, but it is still fun to look!

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Rhodolite Garnet

Rhodolite Garnet The pear shaped garnet in this ring is absolutely stunning. Le Vian named it the Raspberry Rhodolite Garnet for its delightful raspberry color, which I just adore. It is surrounded by their signature Chocolate Diamonds, and has a strawberry gold band. I have to admit, since garnets are my birthstone, I am partial to this ring. It is not like any other garnet ring I have ever seen before, and it is definitely one of my favorite rings by Le Vian. It's a whopping $1,699.99 at kay.com.


Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate Diamonds One of the great things about Le Vian jewelry is the names that are given to the gemstones. Each of the gemstones is given a name that is associated with some kind of food, like the Chocolate Diamonds. These are really just natural diamonds that have had their color altered, but the name makes them seem extra special. This ring has 8 chocolate diamonds that surround a larger one. A border of Vanilla Diamonds completes the ring, which is set in 14 karat gold. There is something very different about the dark colored diamonds in this ring that makes it very special, and I think anyone would feel special wearing it. It's $2,699.00 at kay.com.


Kiwiberry Green Diamonds

Kiwiberry Green Diamonds Although the gemstones in this ring look like emeralds, they are actually diamonds! It amazes me that diamonds can be altered in a lab to be such a brilliant green. This ring has a very modern feel due to the separate bands of white diamonds and green diamonds. Typically, I am drawn to more classic designs, but there is something so distinctive about this ring that I can’t help but like it. It is set in 14 karat strawberry gold and has 1 ¼ carats of diamonds, making it a very indulgent ring that you can get for $2,799.99 at kay.com!


Fire Opal

Fire Opal This neon Tangerine Fire Opal is just absolutely stunning. With such a vibrant color on your finger, everyone would surely notice this beautiful ring. The Tangerine Fire Opal is surrounded by Vanilla Diamonds and Chocolate Diamonds that are set in a 14 karat strawberry gold band. This ring is certainly for someone with an outgoing personality who loves bright colors. If that sounds like you, maybe you will want to add this ring to your wish list. You can find it at kay.com.


Mixberry Diamonds

Mixberry Diamonds There is something so fun about Le Vian’s Mixberry Diamond ring. The clusters of blue, green, yellow, and red diamonds provide so much color. I just can’t help but smile when I see this ring because it is so cheerful. The Vanilla Diamonds that surround the clusters bring everything together. With so many diamonds in this ring the total carat weight is 1 3/8! If you like color like I do, this is a ring you just might fall in love with. Take a look at kay.com if you have $3,500 burning a hole in your pocket!


Blueberry Tanzanite

Blueberry Tanzanite This is one of the simpler rings that Le Vian makes, but it is just as beautiful as all the others. Even though it is simple, it is still unique because the signature Chocolate Diamonds have been included in the band. The star of the ring is the Blueberry Tanzanite, which really shines against the vanilla gold band. If you were born in December, you might really love this ring, since it is your birthstone. Even if you weren’t born in December, it is hard not to love the stunning blue stone. Find it at kay.com.


Cotton Candy Amethyst

Cotton Candy Amethyst Even without seeing this ring, the name of the ring lets you know it is going to be something special. The Cotton Candy Amethyst is a beautiful ring that I just adore. The lavender amethyst is surrounded by Vanilla Diamonds, and has Chocolate Diamonds on the strawberry gold band. This is another ring that makes me smile when I look at it, in part because of the fun name, but also because I love all shades of purple. If you do too, check it out at kay.com.

Jewelry is an expense that I can’t afford right now, but I still have a wish list of rings I would love to have. I love almost all of the Le Vian jewelry because it is so unique. Their rings are especially beautiful. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to have one. What is your favorite ring?

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#7 cotton candy amethyst soo pretty

I LOVE the gorgeous band on the chocolate diamonds (#2) BEAUTIFUL!!

I love the blueberry setting but would would put amethyst in it. My birthstone.

I love my LeVian collection :) definitely worth the investment!

From where is the ring that is in d dp???

5 is nice. I do not like the rest, but that is just a matter of taste, of course.

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