11 Best Statement Necklaces ...

Who doesn’t want to be clued in on the best statement necklaces?! It’s can be hard to find bold necklaces that make a statement and get your noticed. There are a lot of articles about makeup to make a statement or shoes, but let’s focus on necklaces. There are so many great accessories out there, you just have to look at them! Here are some of the best statement necklaces out there!

1. J.Crew Technicolor Floral Necklace

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This is not a necklace for people who are afraid to take risks, but then again none of the best statement necklaces are! They weren’t kidding when they decided to call this necklace “technicolor.” The stones and flowers are made with really fun colored resin. This necklace will definitely brighten up any outfit you decide to wear! While this is definitely a great necklace in the spring, don’t be afraid to add it to a look anytime.

Price: $165 at jcrew.com

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