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Vintage jewelry trends help you take a seemingly boring outfit and turn it into something spectacular. I adore modern jewelry as much as the next woman. However, when it comes to something special, vintage wins every time hands down. Here are nine vintage jewelry trends you can use to diversify your outfits.

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Mourning Necklaces

Mourning Necklaces Back in the Victorian era, mourning necklaces were all the rage. Now I am not suggesting you start packing your dead relative's pics into a pendant. However, this is one of those truly unique vintage jewelry trends you can take advantage of in a different way. Try visiting antique shops or find online sellers who sell mourning necklaces from years gone by. Granted, this is a strange trend, but you can guarantee that nobody else out there will have the same piece as you.


Victorian mourning jewelry often includes intricately woven hair from a departed loved one, encased in beautiful lockets or brooches. Modern twists on such items create conversation pieces with a touch of historical romance. Imagine pairing a delicate jet pendant with your favorite little black dress, bringing a dash of the past into a contemporary setting. To avoid a morbid vibe, focus on pieces that celebrate craftsmanship and timeless style rather than their macabre origins. Your fashion statement will be as bold as it is unique.



Onyx Black Onyx was worn by many a grand Victorian lady. Some wore it for the grandeur, others for scrying. While divination was usually frowned upon in Victorian society, some didn't mid dabbling with the dark arts. Onyx is still widely available today. You might not be able to see the future with it, but it can give you a bit of a Gothic look.


Memento Mori

Memento Mori If the idea of skulls turns you off, it's a good job you didn't live in the Georgian era! I have to be honest, this is a vintage jewelry trend that surprised me a little. Memento Mori jewelry was designed to remind people they were not invincible. It was made of skulls and coffins. Personally, I prefer the coffin side. However, if you can carry off skulls, more power to you!


Self-made Jewelry

Self-made Jewelry The arts and crafts jewelry movement spanned the late 19th century to the early 20th. This is great news for those who are crafty! In a modern sense, you can begin making charm bracelets. If you want to stay true to the era, make bracelets from rough stones. Self-made jewelry was often simple! So keep it that way.


Lockets and Brooches

Lockets and Brooches I used to love the idea of lockets. Keeping someone's picture in a trinket is cute. As I am disastrous with a lot of jewelry, I couldn't bear to have a necklace and lose it. Lockets were huge during the early Victorian era. They represented the era's romantic side. Brooches are great for bigger pictures, so choose one that works for you and find a great image to keep inside it.


Art Deco

Art Deco The Art Deco movement in Paris was huge! Bizarrely, a lot of it was inspired by the opening of Tutankhamen's tomb. Eastern and African influences began to flow through the fashion world and changed jewelry from being delicate to vibrant. Real Art Deco pieces are ridiculously easy to get hold of. Grab them before they become too expensive to feasibly buy!


Cocktail Jewelry

Cocktail Jewelry During the 1960s, jewelry became seriously outlandish. Cocktail rings were large, charm bracelets were crowded, and necklaces were chunky. Personally, this is one of my favorite vintage jewelry eras. I love delicate pieces and everything, but I also prefer to be bright. Again, it isn't hard to get your hands on real vintage items, but there are plenty of remakes out there too if you are on a tight budget!


Creative Jewelry

Creative Jewelry During the 19th century, jewelry became a bit artistic. Shells were used, mosaics were created, and all manners of gemstones were incorporated. This meant jewelry became budget! I am not great at making jewelry. If you are, there is no reason why you can't make some great creative jewelry remakes.


Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau We haven't seen much of Art Nouveau since the end of WWII. It was seriously romantic, but I think the world has since fallen in love with brighter pieces. Lots of leaves, birds, and hearts were incorporated. When I walk around high street stores now, I see little touches of Art Nouveau repeated. On a more expensive scale, Tiffany & Co. incorporate Art Nouveau into their designs a lot.

Vintage jewelry trends are great to explore. A lot of designers like to dip into years gone by when it comes to jewelry, so you don't even have to go for original pieces to enjoy the vintage fashion world. I like to blend lots of eras together when accessorizing. If you love or have vintage pieces, what are they?

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