Cheap Crystal Jewelry to Help You Shine on a Budget ...

By Eliza

Cheap Crystal Jewelry to Help You Shine on a Budget ...

When you want a really awesome jewelry wardrobe, but don't have a ton of money, you can still reach your dream by choosing crystal jewelry. It's beautiful, easy to pair with your entire closet, but best of all you can totally afford it. Here are some pieces I think you'll be dying to have.

1 Crystal Skull
Give your entire look a rock and roll edge with this skull necklace.

2 Cocktail Ring
Here's the perfect thing to enhance your little black dress.

3 Lovely Glittering Ring
You can pretty much wear this ring anywhere you want to go, casual or formal.

4 Geometric Earrings
These earring are affordable and adorable. What's not to love?

5 Something Simple and Feminine
This simple necklace is super feminine and will go with all of your clothes.

6 Cute Kitties
Want something a little bit different? Here it is!

7 Sparkly Earrings
Aren't these pretty?

8 Stretchy Bracelet
This bracelet only looks expensive!

10 Rose Gold Bracelet
Rose gold is super trendy right now so this bracelet is a must have.

11 Friendly Little Dolphin
Isn't this super cute?

12 Simple Studs
These simple studs are super glamorous and sophisticated.

13 Layering Rings
You can mix and match these any way you want to. What could be more perfect?

14 Dangling Earrings
These stunning earrings will work for the office or your day off.

15 Adorable Bow Ring
Every girl needs one of these cute rings!

16 Cute Little Hearts
Are you loving these as much as I am?

17 Cute Wrap Bracelet
What would you wear this with?

Which ones are you going to buy?

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