21 Fab Bling Inspired by the Star Wars Franchise ...

By Jennifer

21 Fab Bling Inspired by the Star Wars Franchise ...

In case you haven't heard, there's a new Star Wars movie hitting theaters this month (woo hoo!) and there's an entire line of bling designed to help you celebrate and let your geek flag fly. Here are a few of my favorite shiny pieces.

1 I Love You / I Know Rings

Price: $19.99 at thinkgeek.com
Is there any line more iconic than this exchange between Hans and Leia? Okay, maybe the "I am your father" bit, but still. Celebrate your own love story with this set of rings... wouldn't they make great wedding bands?

2 Merry Sithmas Cufflinks

Price: $44.99 at thinkgeek.com
I can hear the song already: we wish you a merry Sithmas, we wish you a merry Sithmas... 🎵 Anyway. No more singing, I promise. That's just my favorite Sithmas carol, is all.

3 Darth Vader Charm Bead

Price: $9.99 at thinkgeek.com
Maybe mom's tired of the cutesy Pandora beads, you know?

4 BB-8 Droid Figural Necklace

Price: $34.99 at thinkgeek.com
Hanging from a 21-inch chain, this necklace would make an awesome gift for anyone who's already fallen in love with this wee droid, just from watching the trailers.

5 BB-8 Droid Molded Ring

Price: $39.99 at thinkgeek.com
This ring is exclusive to ThinkGeek, and comes in whole sizes 6 to 11.

6 Stormtrooper Charm Bead

Price: $9.99 at thinkgeek.com
Give this bead as a holiday gift, and you're sure to hit the mark. I mean, it's the only time in history a Storm Trooper won't miss.

7 VII BB-8 Matte Pendant

Price: $19.99 at thinkgeek.com
This pendant hangs from a 22-inch chain, and is so colorful! It'd be ideal for any BB-8 fan, of any age (including you!).

8 R2-D2 Charm Bead

Price: $9.99 at thinkgeek.com
Finally, an R2-D2 bead... it's not all about the new droid, right, R2? Bleep boop bleep! (That means "We love you, R2!")

9 R2-D2 Dangle Charm Bead

Price: $17.49 at thinkgeek.com
This is a fancier version of the R2 bead, and I love it! It's made to fit most charm bracelets, including PANDORA, Chamilia, and Biagi.

10 Vader Saber Bracelet & Ring

Price: $64.99 at thinkgeek.com
This set is a reimagining of Darth Vader's light saber, with the words "The power of the Dark Side" inscribed on the bracelet and tiny red CZs on the ring.

11 Episode VII Stormtrooper 3D Ring

Price: $34.99 at thinkgeek.com
Available in whole sizes 9 to 12, this solid, chunky ring features the more streamlined Storm Trooper.

12 Star Wars BB-8 Charm Bead

Price: $34.99 at thinkgeek.com
Yeah, yeah — it's that fancy new BB-8 droid again. He is kinda cute, isn't he?

13 I Love You / I Know Necklace

Price: $39.99 at thinkgeek.com
Other boyfriends and girlfriends exchange those sweet little heart pendants. None of that gushy nonsense for you two! This is much better.

14 Death Star Jewelry

Price: $29.99 at thinkgeek.com
Choose from the y-necklace, earrings, or ring, or buy all three together. The pattern on the Death Star is so subtle, most people will think it's just a pretty silver moon... but you know the truth... that's no moon...

15 Kylo Ren Lightsaber Necklace

Price: $29.99 at thinkgeek.com
This light saber confuses me. How are you supposed to hold it without lopping your fingers off? I guess we'll just have to wait for the movie to see. In the meantime, this necklace is a safer bet.

16 Jedi Order Class Ring

Price: $59.99 at thinkgeek.com
Ohmigosh,this is so cool! Available in sizes 9. 10, and 11, wear this ring on your right hand... if you still have one...

17 Han Solo in Carbonite Pendant

Price: $74.99 at thinkgeek.com
This scene in The Empire Strikes Back was really compelling, a rare moment in the series. *sniffle*sniffle*

18 BB-8 Droid Stud Earrings

Price: $12.99 at thinkgeek.com
Squee! These earrings are just as adorable as the little droid they invoke.

19 X-Wing Starfighter Blueprint Cufflinks

Price: $59.99 at thinkgeek.com
Now all I want to wear are dress shirts with French cuffs. Le sigh.

20 Kylo Ren Lightsaber Earrings

Price: $39.99 at thinkgeek.com
Even if you don't know what these are - light sabers, right? - they're still totes wearable. Love!

21 Matte Black 3D Darth Vader Tie Bar

Price: $39.99 at thinkgeek.com
If you have to wear a tie, at least you'll be able to wear this tie bar, right?

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