7 Fun Ways to Store Your Jewelry ...


7 Fun Ways to Store Your Jewelry ...
7 Fun Ways to Store Your Jewelry ...

If you own or wear jewelry often, chances are, you may be in need of a few fun ways to store jewelry! I have a few ideas to share with you, many of which I’ve implemented myself. I love to change up my jewelry storing methods, so I’m always on the lookout for fun ways to store jewelry. Here are 7 of my top ideas for creative and unique jewelry storage!

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Jewelry Tree

A jewelry tree is a very pretty and stylish way to display your jewelry! You can use one large one, or several small ones, but either way, your necklaces will be tangle-free and very cute. Choose to keep it set up in an area where it will not be easily knocked over, and paint it a pretty color to stay inspired! This one of my favorite fun ways to store jewelry.


Bulletin Board

This is my current method of choice for storing my necklaces. I have a large cork bulletin board that I spray painted black. I used clear thumbtacks to hang all my necklaces on. I love this idea, because it’s readily accessible, and I can see all my jewelry to easily choose what I want to wear!


Picture Frames

Here’s an artsy spin on storing your jewels! Pick up a few frames and spray paint them a color of your choice. Hang them on the wall, and then screw pretty knobs or thumbtacks into the wall inside the frame. Your jewelry will look like it’s hanging inside the frame! Group several frames of different sizes together on the wall for a nice visual effect.


Tea Trays

If you like whimsical vintage inspiration, try this idea: using an old tea tray to place your jewelry on! I like to sort out rings, brooches, and bracelets into teacups that I leave setting on the tray. Then you can stretch your necklaces out around the teacups to avoid getting them tangled up! This option works best if you only own a few pieces of jewelry.


On the Wall

For a quick and easy jewelry storage solution, hang your necklaces directly on the wall! You can use glass knobs, thumbtacks, hooks, or whatever else you desire. Be creative and hang your jewelry in an original design. Straight rows are practical, but busting up the order you hang your baubles in will offer dimension to your walls.


Makeup Case

Are you on the go often? If you travel much, then consider a jewelry box that moves with you! I picked up a large makeup case with several compartments and discovered that it was very handy for jewelry storage! Another bright idea? Use a fishing tackle box! Buy a new one to avoid contamination, and paint it a pretty color if you would like.


Towel Rack

One of my friends uses her towel rack to display her jewelry on, and I think it’s a genius idea! You can use the bar style of towel rack and clasp your necklaces around it, or you can hang up a rack that has hooks on it to drape your necklaces over. Hang several in a row to give you more room to be creative with!

As you can see, there are many creative ways to store your jewelry without needing to buy an expensive organizer or jewelry box. I like to go through my collection occasionally, to keep it updated. I always re-organize as I do this! What are some of your methods for organizing and storing your jewelry?

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You gave me some great ideas!

They sounds real cool! wish had pictures to understand better

Command hooks work great!

I like the cork board and picture frame idea.

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