8 Pretty Pearl Jewelry ...


8 Pretty Pearl Jewelry ...
8 Pretty Pearl Jewelry ...

Lately I've really gotten into pretty pearl jewelry. I mean, I've gotten into it a lot. It started out with a few long strands of beads, knotted low in the classic flapper style, and it's grown from there. To date, in addition to my statement necklaces, I have a lovely bracelet, a gorgeous pearl ring (all right, I technically got it for the Better Half for Christmas, but I'm going to borrow it occasionally – sorry, Heather!), and a beautiful strand of cultured pearls ideal for my Jackie O. days. If you're also a fan of pretty pearl jewelry, you've got to check out these pieces!

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A Classic Pearl Necklace

A Classic Pearl Necklace You can't talk about pretty pearl jewelry without focusing on a classic strand of pearls. This one is from Ice.com, at a pretty affordable $115.00, but there are tons of other options from designer shops, jewelry stores, and fashion retailers. Whether you prefer freshwater or cultured, there are options everywhere, and any outfit in your closet will benefit from a lovely pearl necklace.


Iridescent Pearls

Iridescent Pearls Iridescent pearls, with their multicolored shine, are simply gorgeous. Sometimes they look green, sometimes they look purple, sometimes they even look black. Add some flash to a business suit, a cute mini, or a silvery party dress with these amazing earrings from Nordstrom or a similarly styled strand of pearls.


Chic Chocolate Pearls

Chic Chocolate Pearls Chocolate pearls, like chocolate diamonds, are warm and rich. If your wardrobe is filled with neutrals and you want to avoid wearing too much white, go chocolate. For instance, this beautiful necklace from Ice.com, which features diamonds and pink rhodium, would look wonderful with a pastel argyle sweater or a sleek champagne colored sheathe.


Luxe Layered Pearl Jewelry

Luxe Layered Pearl Jewelry Interested in a new take on this classic trend? Pearl bracelets are excellent places to start, especially when you layer and look for textured pieces. This awesome bracelet from ASOS mixes pearls with silver spikes and sparkling diamante gemstones. A bracelet like this will be a stunner with an all black ensemble or a solid colored cocktail dress, especially if your look tends toward the edgy end of the spectrum.


Sexy Spikes and Pearls

Sexy Spikes and Pearls If you're looking for something a little more hardcore, there are easy ways to do that. Go from Chanel elegance to Alexander McQueen rock and roll simply by adding some spikes or metal hardware to your pearls. This necklace from ASOS is perfect (and affordable; the regular price is only $17.59 but the store always has lots of sales), but there are many similar pieces available. Just check out your favorite store when you want to mix pearls and jeans or black leather.


Elegant Pearl Studs

Elegant Pearl Studs Is there anything more elegant than a pair of pearl studs? You generally see them in shades of white, which is why I chose pink instead! This particular pair is available at Ice.com for $55.00, but needless to say, you can find studs at all your favorite shops. Go with any color, but remember that pink is a lovely, feminine take on the classic choice. Pink pearls are soft and pretty, they'll highlight your eyes and make your complexion glow!


Beautiful Blackmetal Pearls

Beautiful Blackmetal Pearls Blackmetal pearls with their smoky, sultry sheen are absolutely to die for! This would work well with a dress in a contrasting color or a brightly hued ensemble, like a hot pink sweater with blue or black jeans. Nordstrom has this Givenchy piece for only $45.00, but look around, because there are also bracelets, rings, and earrings.


Perfect Pearl Cocktail Rings

Perfect Pearl Cocktail Rings I adore large pearl cocktail rings. I picked this one from Ice.com because it has a little bit of bling and I love black pearls. At $95.00, this one's a little on the expensive side, but both Ice and other stores have tons of different options, with different colored pearls and a variety of settings. This is a fantastic accent piece for any kind of outfit, from skinny jeans and cardigans to cute party dresses.

A stunning piece of pretty pearl jewelry adds a touch of class and glamour to any ensemble. From business suits to little black dresses to more casual outfits, a pearl ring, necklace, or bracelet make the perfect accessories. You can keep it simple and chic with white, cream, or oyster-colored pearls, or go with soft pinks, greys, and colors like that. If you like pearl jewelry, do you like soft colors or traditional shades?

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not a fan of blackmetal perls 24/7.

I love pearls they\'re so classy and elegant and great for people who have a calmer taste in fashion and jewellery.

Where's the photo on top from? The shirt is awesome!! :) thanks oh and a very pretty post :) love this site!!

Pearls are a basic all girls should have in their jewelry box.

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