7 Funky Watches for Some Serious Arm Candy ...

These funky watches are way more than functional; they add arm flair. They are not your typical watches you see everyday. They are unique and funky and will catch the eyes of everyone you walk by. Regardless if you like prints. colors, or quirky accents, you will love these funky watches that will add the perfect touch to your outfit.

1. Meow

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What embodies funky watches more than a cat-inspired watch? I love this watch because it has such a subtle flair. You can’t really tell how quirky it is until you get up close with it. The black leather band is simple and timeless but the cat face and ears are too adorable for words. If you want to have a small burst of joy every time you check the time, this Urban Outfitters watch is for you. If you are looking for a less expensive option, Forever 21 has an almost identical watch for much less.

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