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Every woman loves sparkly gems! Guest contributor James Carter shares his list of amazing gemstones that should be a part of your collection.

Our world is full of natural gemstone treasures that come in a seemingly endless array of colors and types. With daring selections such as electric purple tanzanite, blazing orange citrine and grass-green peridot, it is a shame not to display these sparkling beauties on your hands! Here are seven stunning gemstones that absolutely must find their way into your day-to-day fashion routine.

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Amethyst Derived from the Greek word for «intoxicated,» the dreamy, lilac to deep purple hue of this gemstone intoxicates wearers with its royal hue. In ancient times, amethyst rings were worn to «cool» tempers and keep wearers level-headed. Amethyst is also heralded as a healing stone and can be worn well with other gemstones. As February’s birthstone, amethyst rests on the cooler spectrum of the gemstone world.



Aquamarine Displaying the effervescent hue of a light-blue sea, aquamarine dazzles wearers with its subtle hint of ocean color. Known for its glass-like clarity and ice-blue reflection, aquamarine gemstones display quick flashes of radiance upon wear. Aquamarine jewelry is ideal for everyday wear and match very well with a variety of colors and styles. It is also March’s birthstone.



Citrine Did you know that citrine is one of the few gemstones that develops naturally in a golden yellow color? Derived from the French «citron» or «lemon,» this radiant gemstone bursts with deep, sun-soaked color. As November’s birthstone, citrine jewelry dazzles in late autumn and is simply luminous when worn with other bright colors.



Garnet This luscious, crimson gemstone has been used as jewelry as far back as the Bronze Age. Ranging from hues that display fiery orange, robust pink and deep blood red, garnet is an ancient gemstone that have been beloved for thousands of years. As January’s birthstone, garnet gleams like a warm red heart against impending frost and heaps of snow. Garnet jewelry can be worn daily or as a featured piece for a special occasion.



Peridot There are few gemstones that capture the fresh, green color of lush summer. Aptly suited as August’s birthstone, peridot gemstones shine luminously when worn and are a wonderful addition to any outfit. Unlike more modern stones, peridot has been mined for centuries and has been passed down in luxurious estate sales and crafted in gorgeous royal pieces.



Topaz Unlike certain gemstones that only vary slightly in color, topaz comes in several! Ranging from bright yellows, wine-browns, deep-sky blues and coveted imperial pink, topaz gemstones can suit any wearer’s taste. Furthermore, its exceptional hardness is ideal for everyday wear. Historically, topaz jewelry has been crafted for hundreds of years! It was worn throughout the Middle Ages and is even referenced in the Bible.



Tanzanite This gemstone was discovered recently in the 1960s near Mount Kilimanjara in Northern Tanzania and the excitement caused by this electric purple gemstone is unprecedented. Its scintillating violet color, which flashes between deep royal purple, lilac and clear ocean blue, has made tanzanite one of the most sought after gemstones in modern day. Tanzanite jewelry is a simple show-stopper. In fact, people often wonder if the stone is even real! Tanzanite pairs beautifully with other stones and shines just as well in silver-tones as it does in gold.

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Yes!! Aquamarine and Garnet all the way!

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