32 Fantastic Bracelets to Adorn Your Wrist ...

By Eliza

32 Fantastic Bracelets to Adorn Your Wrist ...

I love to pile on bracelets because it's such an easy way to add personality and style to your look. For that reason, I probably have way more than I need. Regardless, having a fun bracelet wardrobe is a nice way to count on always having just the right accessory to round out any outfit in your closet. Check out all these great bracelets and you'll be ready to load up your jewelry box.

Table of contents:

  1. something different
  2. turquoise crochet
  3. pearl and sparkle
  4. signature bracelet
  5. silk wrap bracelet
  6. anchor bracelet
  7. elephant and silver lotus
  8. aqua sea glass
  9. hanging beads
  10. dream catcher
  11. colored stones
  12. rose bracelet
  13. simple gold
  14. bright blue
  15. wrap bracelet
  16. simple beads
  17. with your watch
  18. lots of pink
  19. leather and lace loved
  20. wrench
  21. tiny heart
  22. button bracelets
  23. old school
  24. baby spade bracelets
  25. canary boho
  26. heart initial bracelet
  27. pink fabric and pearls
  28. go big
  29. all wrapped up
  30. bicycle love
  31. spiky
  32. all white

1 Something Different

Something Different Via Charmed Arms
These bracelets all go really well together, but I love how the gold bow is something a little bit unexpected.

2 Turquoise Crochet

Turquoise Crochet Via Turquoise Crochet Multi Wrap Bracelet ...
Handmade bracelets are usually unique so you won't find the same one on anyone else's wrist. Check out this cute option.

3 Pearl and Sparkle

Pearl and Sparkle Via RESERVED - Sparkling Ivory Pearl ...
You can't go wrong mixing pearl beads with a little bit of blind.

4 Signature Bracelet

Signature Bracelet Via Signature Bracelet, Handwriting Bracelet, Personalized ...
Have your significant other's romantic sentiment made into a one-of-a-kind bracelet you'll never want to take off.

5 Silk Wrap Bracelet

Silk Wrap Bracelet Wrap bracelets are trending big time right now and one like this is absolutely perfect.

6 Anchor Bracelet

Anchor Bracelet Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
Speaking of trending, anchors are pretty hot right now too, so add this to your look and you'll get loads of compliments.

7 Elephant and Silver Lotus

Elephant and Silver Lotus Via Elephant & Silver Lotus Leather ...
Elephants are my favorite animal so I'd never be able to pass this up.

8 Aqua Sea Glass

Aqua Sea Glass Via Aqua Sea Glass Bracelet - ...
Sea glass is so beautiful because no two pieces are exactly the same.

9 Hanging Beads

Hanging Beads Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Beads that hang off the bracelet give it some extra charm and beauty.

10 Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher Via Accessorize Yourself
This is a really cute way to wear a common Native American symbol, don't you think?

11 Colored Stones

Colored Stones Via brb, walking my unicorn
I like how each bracelet is the same, but with lots of different colors.

12 Rose Bracelet

Rose Bracelet Via Rose Bracelet Dusty Pink Rose ...
I can't think of anything more feminine and lovely than this bracelet.

13 Simple Gold

Simple Gold Via Ho'okele bracelet - minimal gold ...
These gold bracelets are simple, but I like how elegant they look stacked with each other.

14 Bright Blue

Bright Blue Via Items similar to Boho chic ...
Bright blue is perfect for adding a touch of color to any outfit. It looks especially great with brown!

15 Wrap Bracelet

Wrap Bracelet Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
Wrap bracelets are all over the place these days. I love this one!

16 Simple Beads

Simple Beads Via Wish To Do List
The beads might be tiny, but these colorful bracelets are sure to jazz up any outfit.

17 With Your Watch

With Your Watch Via THE TREND OF 2014 - ...
Some fashion experts say that you should dress up your watch by wearing it with bracelets. I think this works!

18 Lots of Pink

Lots of Pink Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
Of course, no wardrobe is complete without some pink, am I right?

19 Leather and Lace Loved

Leather and Lace Loved Via Leather and Lace Bracelet -
I love that this one is a little bit edgy and a little bit girly. I'd wear it!

20 Wrench

Wrench Via Silver Wrench Manacle by Blitz ...
This is unlike anything you'll ever see anywhere else. I think it's really cute.

21 Tiny Heart

Tiny Heart Via Tiny heart sterling silver bracelet. ...
This bracelet is understated, but still makes a big impact.

22 Button Bracelets

Button Bracelets Via Button bracelets | Postris
These would be easy to make with some spare buttons and string.

23 Old School

Old School Via stylecaster.com
Go a little old school with a friendship bracelet. They never go out of style!

24 Baby Spade Bracelets

Baby Spade Bracelets Via Baby Spade Bracelet {Ships Same ...
Apparently, these are sort of a big deal. Which would you choose?

25 Canary Boho

Canary Boho Via Canary Boho Bracelet Stack in ...
There is something about the combination of turquoise and yellow that I just love.

26 Heart Initial Bracelet

Heart Initial Bracelet Via Sterling Silver Bow Bracelet Bridesmaid ...
This would be a great gift for all the girls in your life.

27 Pink Fabric and Pearls

Pink Fabric and Pearls Via fashioncartierjewelry.net
I love the braided look of this bracelet. Not to mention how great the color is!

28 Go Big

Go Big Via alisaburke: fashion friday- beautiful boho
Wow! That is a lot of bracelets. But this entire look works really well.

29 All Wrapped up

All Wrapped up Via Cream
Here is another great example of a wrap bracelet.

30 Bicycle Love

Bicycle Love Via Items similar to bicycle-Love charm ...
If you're a big biker (and even if you aren't), this would be so cool to have.

31 Spiky

Spiky Via Fathom & Form Jewelry - ...
This bracelet uses the spike trend without going overboard.

32 All White

All White Via ldld.info
Pile on a bunch of bracelets with white stones for a cohesive and fresh look anytime.

How do you wear bracelets? I tend to go for several at a time rather than just one or two. Did you see one that you must have?

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