On Point ☝🏼 Jewelry Trends 💎 You've Got to See to Believe 😱 ...


Summer is so close you can almost feel the sun kissing your skin.Doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?! And with summer, comes a whole new line of fashion trends and awesome outfits/accessories. Thankfully, this year has a bunch of cool jewelry trends that are super easy to achieve and kind on your purse. Yay!

So what's hot, what's happening, and what do you HAVE to get your hands on this season? Here is everything you need to know in order to rock summer 2017! You're welcome!

1. Chokers

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If you were too young to rock a choker in the 90s, don't fear! They're a fashion piece that has been on the runway for several seasons now... and they're not leaving anytime soon. Best news you've heard all day? Obviously!

Nordstrom Circle Choker

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$15 from shop.nordstrom.com

2. Mismatched Earrings

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This new jewelry trend is an easy way to show the cool kids that you're one of them. Simply buy a multi-pack of earrings and rock two different ones. Go big on the one side and simple on the other, two smalls, or two bigs - the possibilities and styles are endless.

Nordstrom Geometric Stud Earrings (Set of 12)

earrings, jewellery, fashion accessory, body jewelry, brass,

$19 from shop.nordstrom.com

3. Chunky Pendants

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Nothing lets the world know you're fierce and a force to be reckoned with than a big and loud piece of jewelry. A chunky pendant will do just the trick. Who run the world? Girls!

Nordstrom Kendra Scott 'Cory' Semiprecious Stone Pendant Necklace

jewellery, pendant, necklace, fashion accessory, chain,

$55-465 from shop.nordstrom.com

4. Upper Arm Bracelets

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Upper arm bracelets are proving to be one thee most 'must-have' items of 2017. Wear one with a bright summer dress or a strap-top, attend a fabulous party and look seriously fab!

Nordstrom BaubleBar 'Double Helix' Pavé Cuff

yellow, fashion accessory, jewellery, line, brass,

$32,40 from shop.nordstrom.com

5. Several Big Chunky Bracelets

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Minimalism is out and accessorising excessively is in! Don't bother with just one cute and small bracelet, go for a bunch of big ones! Everyone's doing it! And you know what they say... bigger is better!

Nordstrom Jenny Bird Luna Warrior Leather Wrap Bracelet

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$65 from shop.nordstrom.com

6. Massive Earrings

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No, we're not talking big earrings, we're talking MASSIVE ones. Ones that'll catch the eye of anyone who'll glance in your direction. Go big, go bold, go for colours that are just down-right amazing!

AliExpress Five-pointed Stars Big Circle Chain Tassel Earrings

clothing, pink, dress, fashion, costume,

$3,05 from aliexpress.com

7. Big Crosses

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Whether you're religious or not, crosses are back in fashion. Wear them as a sign of faith or as a sign of good taste, because these are a hot item for summer 2017.

AliExpress Gothic Cross Pendant

cross, pendant, symbol, fashion accessory, jewellery,

$5 from aliexpress.com

8. Tassels

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Tassels are rearing their fashionable head once again this summer, and personally, we couldn't be happier. They're easy, versatile and they spruce up any outfit. Whether you're going for a pair of sandals with tassels or tassel earrings, you'll look great for sure.

Nordstrom Tassel Earrings

clothing, dress, gown, fashion accessory, outerwear,

$28 from shop.nordstrom.com

9. Rings Galore

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If you're a lover of rings, then you'll be happy to know that wearing tons of them at a time is the latest summer craze. Buy a multi-pack or several amazing ones, and decorate all of your fingers. Perhaps pair them with some bright and funky nails!

Nordstrom Kendra Scott Robyn five-pack rings

fashion accessory, jewellery, ring, body jewelry, silver,

$85 from shop.nordstrom.com

10. Corset Belts

clothing, fashion, undergarment, abdomen, ain,

These corset belts are absolutely stunning and can help you shape your figure favourably too! They've been a huge hit amongst fashion designers of late, and if you're looking to shine this summer, we suggest you get one (or several).

Nordstrom Raina 'boho wrap' belt

clothing, active undergarment, fashion accessory, arm, hand,

$98 from shop.nordstrom.com

11. Skinny Scarves

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Thank goodness the time of wearing thick woollen scarves has come to an end and finally, summer is on its way! Having said that, this sunny season is all about skinny scarves that can be easily wrapped around the neck for a feminine and interesting touch. Roll on summer!

Nordstrom Halogen metallic fringe skinny scarf

clothing, scarf, fashion accessory, wool,

$29 from shop.nordstrom.com

12. Socks or Tights with Strappy Sandals

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Has the world come to an end? Are we now at the stage where fashion is suggesting that socks and sandals are socially acceptable? Well, if you say so... In all fairness, they don't look to shabby!

AliExpress thigh high stockings

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$4,89 from aliexpress.com

13. Gloves

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Wear them elegantly for a night out, a fancy event, or even just a cute item for the day. Forget about cotton, go all out and get silk, baby! After all, it's always fun to treat yourself.

Nordstrom Carolina Amato opera length mousquetaire stretch silk gloves

white, clothing, fashion accessory, gown, arm,

$122 from shop.nordstrom.com

14. Matching Bracelets

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Do you have a favourite bracelet? Or you've just spotted one you're pining to buy? Good, go ahead and buy two because this season - one is simply not enough. For summer '17, wearing matching bracelets on each arm is the new cool thing to do.

Nordstrom Treasure&Bond set of five bangles

jewellery, bracelet, bangle, fashion accessory, gemstone,

$49 from shop.nordstrom.com

15. Bejewelled Brooches

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Back in the day, it was only old ladies and squares that wore brooches. Not anymore! This year, it seems as though super fancy, sparkly, and bejewelled brooches are the in-thing! That, and flower pins! Well colour me impressed!

AliExpress flower brooch

flower, black and white, plant, petal, land plant,

$3,24 from aliexpress.com

16. Knotted Belts

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Instead of a smooth and somewhat boring belt wrapped around your waist, summer '17 will see ladies tying their belts (or buying ones already tied) in a knot to create an easy DIY trick that looks fab! What an interesting way to vibe up your solid colour belts!

Nordstrom Another Line studded skinny belt

fashion accessory, active undergarment, leather, hand, textile,

$42 from shop.nordstrom.com

17. Striped Socks

footwear, clothing, shoe, sneakers, leg,

Get the real school gym feel with striped socks that have recently hit the spotlight. Pair them with sneakers, heels, stilettos or - if you're that way inclined - sandals. I bet socks as a gift isn't looking too bad right now, eh?

Nordstrom Men's Shop 3-pack athletic stripe crew socks

white, sock, fashion accessory, footwear, safety glove,

$12,50 from shop.nordstrom.com

18. One Earring

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You know those crazy nights where you come home or wake up having lost an earring? Good news! Summer '17 is all about rocking just one earring. Make it big, make it bold, or make it simple - which ever style you like, one is apparently better than two!

Nordstrom BaubleBar cabana drop earrings

earrings, jewellery, fashion accessory, body jewelry, circle,

$36 from shop.nordstrom.com

Have you found one or more trends that you absolutely adore? Personally, I am grateful for the long-running popularity of the choker... but then again, I was a teen in the 90s (cue Spice Girls).

But whether you're going to be rocking some colourful tights, big and bold earrings, or even some tassels - one thing is for sure - by following these '17 summer trends, you're looking at taking up the prime spot at any party, day time event, or evening fun!

You go, girl!