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A simple diamond ring looks great on everyone. You can wear it for any occasion at any time. They are lovely but look especially fantastic when you worn with a confident disposition and glowing smile. Diamond is the official birthstone for the month of April. If you were born in April or are interested in finding an affordable diamond ring to call your own then check out these seven suggestions below. Get this: they are all available for less than $100 each.

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Lovely Leafy

Lovely Leafy This Sterling Silver Leaf Diamond Ring from Amazon has an adorably whimsical design. The two leaves are encrusted with lots of tiny diamonds and connected to stems that wrap around the finger forming the band. Those fluid lines give this ring an extra feminine touch. I would wear this beauty in summer with a pretty dress. This diamond ring is simply too pretty to pass by without doing a double take.


Black Halo

Black Halo Are you looking for something a little different? How about a black diamond? The simple elegance of this pretty little ring will complement any outfit. It will make you feel a little like royalty but is also small enough to stack together with other rings for a fresh chunky look. The design is classic: single small solitaire surrounded by a halo of smaller white diamonds. The Finesque Sterling Silver Black Diamond Halo Ring is available from Overstock.


Simply Loveable

Simply Loveable Whenever I see this ring I am reminded of Saturn ... and hula-hoops. The different textured overlapping bands look as if they are in motion. The design is lovely and the price is right, allowing you to spoil yourself while on a budget. I would wear this elegant little sparkler everyday with everything. You can find this Diamond Heart Ring at Gordon's Jeweler.


Blue and White

Blue and White This bright beauty from Helzberg Diamonds will add a nice little pop of sparkly color to your hand. The center heart is encrusted with tiny blue diamonds that add texture and interest to this otherwise simple little ring. Together the etched edges and tiny blue diamonds create a look that is similar to lace and just as pretty. The Blue & White Diamond Heart Shaped Ring is so pretty you can rock it with anything except stacking other rings around it. The design needs a space where it can stand out alone.


Pink Surprise

Pink Surprise This ring could easily be a wonderful gift to yourself or a modest engagement ring? It is up to you to decide. Nevertheless, the Miabella Diamond Accent and Pink Sapphire Accent Ring from Walmart is a pretty little stunner. The simple band shines brightly and hides an adorable pink detail. You and I know that solitaire gem rings are versatile and, as such, as perfect for any occasion. If you like the design you can pick up this beauty as a treat to yourself at an affordable price.


Flower Cocktail

Flower Cocktail Yet another divine take on the solitaire is this Diamond Flower Cocktail Ring from Target. The individually sculpted petals surround a modest size diamond set in highly polished silver. The result is lovely and unique. This is another lovely ring that reminds me of spring: flowers and fun.


Unexpected Accent

If you want a simple diamond ring that is a little mod and a little different then check out Duepunti. This ring collection is my absolute favorite! Duepunti rings are affordable and have an unexpected setting: silicone. The band is available in a wide range of colors. Wearing this cutie will add a little pop of color and a tiny bit of sparkle to your outfit. You can find this unique jewelry online at Macy's or straight from the manufacturer. Bonus: Duepunti also has a matching line of bracelets.

Diamond rings are available in an infinite number of sizes, cuts, and settings. If you are on a strict budget there is a ring for you should you want one. What is your favorite style of ring to wear? Do you know of a great place to buy on a budget?

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