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Since summer is fast approaching, it's time to step it up and wear stylish jewelry to make you stand out! Have you been wearing the same old boring jewelry for some time now? Can't let go of that old granny pearl necklace or “stone age” high school class ring? Well, it's time to make a change and in this article, you will realize why you need certain jewelry to make you stand out.

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Chain Head Piece

Chain Head Piece You should definitely invest in this type of jewelry to make you stand out. Why? Because a head chain is a bold fashion statement in itself. Known for its Indian or Bohemian origin, the chain head piece can accentuate any elegant dress or casual outfit. Some styles tend to be double chained and drape across the forehead, while others only have one chain with dangling coins attached. Whether you're thinking about adding this to a wedding dress or party ensemble, this accessory is absolutely stunning with the right hairdo.


Arm Cuff

Arm Cuff The arm cuff is definitely one of my favorites and I wear one nearly every week. The thing I like most about the arm cuff is that it stands out more than a bracelet. Since it's so high up on the arm, it tends to catch people's attention immediately-especially if it's embellished with diamonds or gems. Some of the pieces are made rounded with an open space made to clutch on the arm, while others are spiral and have to slide up the arm. Make sure to invest in one that is easily bendable or flexible to work onto the arm.


Midi Rings

Midi Rings This is one of my newfound loves! This accessory is certainly stylish and something I wish I had thought of myself. If you're wondering what midi rings are, well, that's exactly what it means-a ring that sits above the knuckle, located at the middle of the finger. These rings usually are designed smaller in size than the typical finger rings. With a cute manicure and some chic fingernail polish, midi rings will bring style to your hands.


Ankle Bracelet

Ankle Bracelet I tend to think at times that most women have forgotten that ankle bracelets (or anklets) exist. This type of jewelry usually looks great in the summer time with a pair of sandals, open-toed heels, low-top sneakers, or no shoes at all. Additionally, some are made like a charm bracelet and give you the option of adding your favorite symbols to the chain. It definitely fits best as a seasonal piece of jewelry so that you can show it off all day long.


Ear Cuff

Ear Cuff Ear cuffs are so strikingly trendy! After all, they do come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. Some can be worn to completely cuff the entire ear while others are made with hanging jewels or chains. From dragons to angel wings, the styles and designs are endless. You could go in any creative direction with this versatile accessory.


Collar Necklace

Collar Necklace Have you ever wondered what other accessories could complement a collar shirt? Well, collar necklaces are designed to fit the shape of a shirt's collar and can be placed underneath it to make it pop. Although collar necklaces can be worn this way, they can also be sported without a collar to resemble a regular necklace. Most are made of metal, but you can find other pieces made of leather or felt. The great thing about this trend is that it's an easy DIY project, if that's your thing.


Belly Chain

Belly Chain The belly chain is a very rare fashion statement and it takes a very confident woman to rock one of these. If you're like me, I LOVE to wear my stomach out during the warmer seasons, so I invest in a lot of crop tops and belly shirts. Belly chains are absolutely perfect to wear with a two-piece bathing suit or just about any outfit where your stomach will be the center of attention. However, if you're a bit self-conscious and you're still interested in buying one, then you could wear it over your shirt and still be able to make it look stylish.

The key to standing out is to always make anything fashionable into your own! So, if you're slightly hesitant about wearing some of these, it never hurts to try. Which pieces do you find intriguing? Are there any other unique jewelry pieces that should be mentioned?

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