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For a tropical island wedding, to accessorize your swimsuit or just for fun, there are sooo many items of jewelry with a beach theme. From head to toe, you can adorn yourself with items redolent of long days in the sun in a gorgeous location. Here’s just a few samples of jewelry with a beach theme to get you salivating.

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Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot Sandals Aren’t these gorgeous? If you’re looking for a jewelry with a beach theme for a wedding, is there anything more appropriate? Adorn your feet with a simple strand of pearls, shells, beads and accents with a beachy theme.. I found this style on eBay but just search the internet because there are tons of beautiful barefoot sandals in a range of sizes and colors. With everything from ivory to purple, they will match an accent color for a beach wedding or just look great with your new swimsuit.


Starfish Earrings

Starfish Earrings Want to unleash your inner mermaid? A pair of starfish earrings is the perfect accessory. There are millions of starfish earring designs available but if you really want to emulate a mermaid, go for something simple like these. I just can’t imagine Ariel donning a pair of starfish earrings encrusted with jewels and stuff – can you? She’d pick something more akin to the natural starfish around her marine home. These ones are 14k white gold from Kay.com.


Beach Hut Necklace

Beach Hut Necklace How cute is this? This beach hut pendant in the traditional marine colors is just a darling accessory for the beach. It’s such a simple thing made from enamel shapes on a pretty string but it’s so eye-catching. This is just one of thousands of pieces of beach-themed jewelry on Etsy.com.


Sea Glass Pendant

Sea Glass Pendant Delicious! Not only can you find jewelry with a beach theme, but some is made with materials from the beach. I have fallen in lust with sea glass jewelry. My favorite pieces are made by Gaynor Hebden-Smith, a Scottish jewelry designer/maker who works with glass collected from the beaches of the Scotland. She works the glass into all manner of jewelry items, pairing it with sterling silver and other pretty beads and stuff. You’ll find jewelers working with sea glass all over the place!


Beach-themed Bracelet

Beach-themed Bracelet How dinky is this? I’m taken by the marine colors used in the charms on this bracelet. This one is from Pandora and each charm will remind you of wonderful days on the beach.There are so many bracelets with a beach them from the tiniest, daintiest single strands to thick chunky arm statements you're sure to find one to suit.


Dolphin Toe Ring

Dolphin Toe Ring What better to adorn your pretty feet freshly pedicured for a day at the beach? Draw attention to those polished tootsies with a 14kt gold ring like this one or maybe silver is more your color? Just do an internet search for dolphin toe ring and you’ll find plenty to drool over.You'll find this one on Amazon.com.


Whimsical Watch

Whimsical Watch What better way to remind you where you are than by wearing your beachy theme on your wristwatch. How cute are those flips flops? Sadly it’s not waterproof so you’ll have to take it off when you go for a dip, but it’s practically perfect in every other way. This is just one a wide range of Whimsical Watches” available at overstock.com.

Have these inspired you to find some beach-themed jewelry for your next visit to the seaside?

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Barefoot sandals are so cute, love them:)

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