7 Breathtaking and Affordable Emerald Jewelry ...

The cost of natural gemstones can reach astronomical heights but, believe it or not, there is affordable emerald jewelry out there in the form of "created" gems. Emerald is the traditional gemstone of May. It is also associated with Taurus and Gemini, memory and faith. If you want to celebrate May, recognize your astrological sign or just rock this gemstone, then consider these options for affordable emerald jewelry.

1. Oval Cut Bracelet

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There is no doubt about it, emerald is stunning. It is also pretty expensive. However, man-made "created" emeralds capture the look and elegance without the hefty price tag. Thank goodness for that, because this oval cut bracelet from amazon.com is remarkable. Add this bit of affordable emerald jewelry to your accessory collection and insert some earthy sparkle into your wardrobe.

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