7 Lovely Affordable and Simple Diamond Rings ...

A simple diamond ring looks great on everyone. You can wear it for any occasion at any time. They are lovely but look especially fantastic when you worn with a confident disposition and glowing smile. Diamond is the official birthstone for the month of April. If you were born in April or are interested in finding an affordable diamond ring to call your own then check out these seven suggestions below. Get this: they are all available for less than $100 each.

1. Lovely Leafy

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This Sterling Silver Leaf Diamond Ring from Amazon has an adorably whimsical design. The two leaves are encrusted with lots of tiny diamonds and connected to stems that wrap around the finger forming the band. Those fluid lines give this ring an extra feminine touch. I would wear this beauty in summer with a pretty dress. This diamond ring is simply too pretty to pass by without doing a double take.

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