8 Pretty Pearl Jewelry ...

Lately I've really gotten into pretty pearl jewelry. I mean, I've gotten into it a lot. It started out with a few long strands of beads, knotted low in the classic flapper style, and it's grown from there. To date, in addition to my statement necklaces, I have a lovely bracelet, a gorgeous pearl ring (all right, I technically got it for the Better Half for Christmas, but I'm going to borrow it occasionally – sorry, Heather!), and a beautiful strand of cultured pearls ideal for my Jackie O. days. If you're also a fan of pretty pearl jewelry, you've got to check out these pieces!

1. A Classic Pearl Necklace

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You can't talk about pretty pearl jewelry without focusing on a classic strand of pearls. This one is from Ice.com, at a pretty affordable $115.00, but there are tons of other options from designer shops, jewelry stores, and fashion retailers. Whether you prefer freshwater or cultured, there are options everywhere, and any outfit in your closet will benefit from a lovely pearl necklace.

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