7 Statement Engagement Rings for the Girl Who Loves to Be Different ...

Even though I’m not engaged, I think that there’s something so awesome and different about statement engagement rings. Whenever I come across them on Pinterest, or even in real life, I love how unique they are. Most people go for the same style and shape of engagement ring, and statement rings don’t seem to abide by any rules. If you’re looking to really branch out and be different before you get engaged, or you’re simply like me and think that statement engagement rings are super interesting, you’ll definitely find something you absolutely love on this list!

1. A Vintage Ring

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There’s something so gorgeous about a vintage ring. In my opinion, its one of the ultimate statement engagement rings. It’s so much fun to imagine the story that went on before you owned it, and vintage rings are always so beautifully made and intricate. You may even find a one-of-a-kind ring, which is and even if it’s not, the chances of someone you know having the same vintage ring as you is incredibly rare!

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