33 Stunning Examples of Diamond Jewelry Youll Love ...

By Eliza

33 Stunning Examples of Diamond Jewelry Youll Love ...

Diamond jewelry, whether it's real or faux, is an easy way to make a statement with any outfit. And it's usually so sparkly too. We all love our diamonds, am I right? If you want to round out your collection or simply love to drool over what's out there, you are going to love this list. With all this diamond jewelry at your fingertips, it is going to be hard not to feel like shopping.

Table of contents:

  1. big stunner
  2. diamond earrings
  3. heart shaped diamond earrings
  4. teardrop necklace
  5. double ring
  6. jewelry created with natural uncut rough diamonds
  7. princess tiara
  8. fancy earrings
  9. three stone bypass swirl
  10. stud pearl and diamond earrings
  11. statement necklace
  12. large round diamond cathedral
  13. totally encrusted
  14. earring cuffs
  15. rose bud stud
  16. tiny rings
  17. diamond heart necklace
  18. diamond three stone
  19. diamond bow ring
  20. diamond cross
  21. tiny diamond ring
  22. antique style
  23. deco diamond ring
  24. antique diamond earrings
  25. black diamond princess cut diamond ring
  26. big bow
  27. chevron stacking diamond ring
  28. pear shaped diamond
  29. diamond bracelet
  30. engagement ring
  31. love jewelry
  32. spectacular platinum art deco 6 carat diamond pin and pendant
  33. custom diamond engagement ring

1 Big Stunner

Big Stunner Via Aurora - Round | Ken ...
No matter what, diamond jewelry is absolutely perfect with a huge rock.

2 Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings Via 35 Pieces Of Gorgeous Jewelery
Every girl should have a pair of diamond earrings in her collection.

3 Heart Shaped Diamond Earrings

Heart Shaped Diamond Earrings Via 35 Pieces Of Gorgeous Jewelery
Make them heart shaped if you want to.

4 Teardrop Necklace

Teardrop Necklace Via Rose Gold Luxe Cubic Zirconia ...
This would look great dressed up or paired with something casual.

5 Double Ring

Double Ring Via 404 Not Found | Montaigne ...
I'm not sure I could pull this off, but it sure looks gorgeous, don't you think?

6 Jewelry Created with Natural Uncut Rough Diamonds

Jewelry Created with Natural Uncut Rough Diamonds Via Natural Diamond Crystal Jewelry - ...
This isn't what you're used to I'm sure, but it still looks lovely, doesn't it?

7 Princess Tiara

Princess Tiara Via For your inner Princess - ...
A diamond tiara? Of course I want one. Don't you?

8 Fancy Earrings

Fancy Earrings Via Anita Ko
I've never seen a pair of earrings this pretty! I must have a pair for myself.

9 Three Stone Bypass Swirl

Three Stone Bypass Swirl Via Heart-Shaped Amethyst Ring in 10K ...
This ring is delicate and perfect for any girl. I love the stone too.

10 Stud Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Stud Pearl and Diamond Earrings Via 10k Gold Earrings, Cultured Freshwater ...
Aren't these lovely? You can't go wrong by mixing pearls with diamonds.

11 Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace Via Professional Photographer Magazine
You won't be able to wear this necklace anywhere without making a statement. That's if you can afford its hefty price tag.

12 Large round Diamond Cathedral

Large round Diamond Cathedral Via Diamond Engagement Rings and Fine ...
Talk about an engagement ring! What girl wouldn't want to wear this on her ring finger?

13 Totally Encrusted

Totally Encrusted Isn't this encrusted ring something special?

14 Earring Cuffs

Earring Cuffs Via Ear Pin - Ooh La ...
For an entirely different look, try diamond earring cuffs like these.

15 Rose Bud Stud

Rose Bud Stud Via Betsey Johnson Rose Bud Stud ...
This is a super feminine pair of earrings that would enhance any outfit.

16 Tiny Rings

Tiny Rings Via 30 Dramatic And Elegant Soft ...
If you want something understated, but still gorgeous, these rings are for you.

17 Diamond Heart Necklace

Diamond Heart Necklace Via Haylee Jewels Sterling Silver 1/10ct ...
I love the symbolism that this necklace has. The infinity symbol with the heart is perfect.

18 Diamond Three Stone

Diamond Three Stone Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
One diamond is great, but three is even better!

19 Diamond Bow Ring

Diamond Bow Ring Via Tiffany & Company Platinum And ...
Adorable! Tiffany's is definitely the place to go for diamonds.

20 Diamond Cross

Diamond Cross Via Diamond Jewelry Owned By Pope ...
Wouldn't this be nice to have? It's not the cheapest item on list by any means.

21 Tiny Diamond Ring

Tiny Diamond Ring Via catbirdnyc.com
There's nothing wrong with picking something that isn't over the top.

22 Antique Style

Antique Style Via schmucktraeume.com
Antique looking diamonds are some of the best ones around!

23 Deco Diamond Ring

Deco Diamond Ring Via heidigibson.com
If you're looking for something really different, this is the ring for you.

24 Antique Diamond Earrings

Antique Diamond Earrings Via Jewelry - Earrings - Edwardian ...
Don't you love the intricate design of these earrings?

25 Black Diamond Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Black Diamond Princess Cut Diamond Ring Via 18k Black Gold 2 2/5ct ...
If you've never seen a black diamond, I think you'll agree that you've been missing out.

26 Big Bow

Big Bow Via Gold Diamond Bow Ring - ...
Whether it's real or not, a cute diamond bow ring is a pretty great accessory to have.

27 Chevron Stacking Diamond Ring

Chevron Stacking Diamond Ring Via Diamond Wedding Ring, Diamond Engagement ...
If you can't get enough of the chevron trend, you will love having this ring in your jewelry box.

28 Pear Shaped Diamond

Pear Shaped Diamond Via Elizabeth Taylor: Favorite Quotes and ...
I think I'd be afraid to wear this gigantic diamond. What if I lost it?

29 Diamond Bracelet

Diamond Bracelet Via Diamond Bracelet in 14k White ...
A diamond tennis bracelet is something every girl needs. Right?

30 Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Via Bead-Set Princess 3 Stone Engagement ...
If you're waiting for a proposal, leave a photo of this ring out to inspire him.

31 Love Jewelry

Love Jewelry Via Love Ring
Could there be a better sentiment to spell out with diamonds?

32 Spectacular Platinum Art Deco 6 Carat Diamond Pin and Pendant

Spectacular Platinum Art Deco 6 Carat Diamond Pin and Pendant Via Spectacular Platinum Art Deco 7+ ...
Huge and sparkly are the best words to describe this masterpiece.

33 Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

Custom Diamond Engagement Ring Via Custom Diamond Engagement Ring #100102 ...
If you have a diamond vision, you can bet there's a jeweler out there who will bring it to life for you.

What kind of diamonds do you own? Don't you just love the way they shine in the light? Do you see something on this list you are dying to have?

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