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If you add anything to your closet this summer, it should be a great piece of laser cut jewelry. There are loads of choices out there in all price ranges and you’ll love what they can do for your wardrobe. If you just need something different or want to round out your jewelry box, here are some items that allow you to do just that. No matter what you wear them with, they are sure to turn some heads and get you loads of compliments.

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A Kiss on Your Necklace

A Kiss on Your Necklace $15.00

This adorable pair of red lips are totally realistic and add a bit of flair to an otherwise neutral outfit. Imagine how great it would look lying on a black top or against your bare collarbone. If you need something to show off your rock and roll personality, this is the piece for you. What do you think?


Laser Cut Gold

Laser Cut Gold $144.00
Cut in 10 karat gold, these lovely leaves add sophistication and glamour to just about anything you wear them with. They are light and delicate and enhance any color of outfit. What would you wear them with?


Let’s Dance

Let’s Dance $36.00
What could be better for a night of earrings than a pair that say, “let’s dance?” These colorful laser cut earrings are fun to wear and are sure to make you the life of the party. And you won’t have to make a shouted suggestion in a packed bar ever again. Just point to your ears.


Leather Bracelet

Leather Bracelet $159.00
Laser cutting is pretty common when it comes to metals, but I think you’ll love how it looks on leather too. This intricate cuff looks super fashionable, but it really comfortable to wear and complements virtually any color you have on.


Make a Statement

Make a Statement $8.00
You’ll never find a statement necklace more affordable than this one. The laser cut design gives it edge combined with a sophisticated look that you won’t be able to stop wearing. Add drama to your life with this awesome piece.


Silver Lace

Silver Lace $665.00
Looking for a splurge? This cuff bracelet is actual vintage lace cast in silver. It perfectly fits the curve of your wrist and adds a feminine touch to any outfit. Wear with something rock and roll or something romantic and girly. You just can’t go wrong.


What an Angel

What an Angel $209.00
This fantastic necklace is one you’ll never want to take off. From the glorious silver color to the way it naturally fits you, it’s a piece of laser cut jewelry that you’ll find yourself wearing all the time. I love the edge it gives your neckline. Do you love it too?

What kids of laser cut jewelry do you own? Will you be adding any of these pieces to your collection?

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