7 Trending Jewellery Pieces That Will Update a Basic Outfit ...

By Sophia

7 Trending Jewellery Pieces That Will Update a Basic Outfit ...

Update a basic outfit by simply adding some of the hottest trending jewellery pieces right now. Along with your standard rings and necklaces, jewellery trends are evolving to include a range of new and quirky styles. Ear cuffs and first knuckle rings are some of the top trending pieces to add to your jewellery collection this season. Update your outfits with these trending jewellery pieces.

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1 Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuffs One of the most on-trend ways to update your look right now is with a chic ear cuff. As far as trending jewellery pieces go, ear cuffs are all the rage. Unlike the small, subtle ear cuffs of the nineties, this season’s jewellery trend is all about making a statement. Look for decorative designs and bejewelled ear armour. Go for designs that wrap around the curve of the ear for maximum impact.

2 First Knuckle Rings

First Knuckle Rings You may have noticed a trend recently for thin rings worn on the top knuckles. If you haven’t then listen up! First knuckle rings sit on the top of your fingers, rather than pushed down to the base like normal rings. They’re popular with fashion bloggers and you can find plenty of inspiration on sites like Pinterest and Tumblr. If you want to try out this jewellery trend, retailers like ASOS and Catbird stock a great range of first knuckle rings.

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3 Bracelet Stacks

Bracelet Stacks The bracelet stack is still as popular as ever. While the “arm party” seems to be all about over-the-top mismatched looks, this season’s bracelet stack is about creating a more polished and streamlined look. Most retailers will sell bracelet stacks in matching sets, but if you’re putting together your own stack then stick to coordinating bracelets in similar sizes and designs.

4 Heavy Duty Necklaces

Heavy Duty Necklaces When you’re trying to update a basic outfit, statement accessories will always do the trick. A heavy duty necklace is a great way to draw attention to your look. Think oversized designs and lots of embellishments. These necklaces look best when worn high on the neck so stick to short collar designs rather than long drop necklaces.

5 Knuckle Duster Rings

It’s the more the merrier when it comes to rings this season. Deck out all your fingers in knuckle duster rings. Joined rings can limit movement, so buy matching ring sets instead, where you mix and match different sized rings to create that knuckle duster effect. Right now ASOS has a great range of multipack ring sets for you to buy.

6 Full Finger Rings

Full Finger Rings If you’re only going to wear one ring this season, make it a full finger ring. It’s kind of like a piece of armour for your digits. They can come in all sorts of designs from slithering snakes to armour-inspired creations. Full finger rings can be quite restricting, so look out for hinged designs that allow movement.

7 Wide Cuffs

Wide cuffs are also having a trending moment right now. They’re a simple yet effective way to add some statement-making touches to your outfit. Sleek metallic cuffs have been popular for some time now, but try something new with an embellished design. Gems are a popular choice but cuffs that feature leather fringing are also something you could try out.

Jewellery trends seem to change every season. These are just a few trending jewellery pieces that are bound to update a basic outfit. What do you think of these jewellery trends? Are there any others you’d like to add to the list?

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Wide cuffs and statement necklaces r cool but the rest r kinda over the top

I love wearing my statement @samanthawills necklaces with simple out fits, I always get nice comments!

Forever 21 and Pacsun also have cute knuckle rings!

The full finger rings just make me think of Wolverine...

Bold is beautifl


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