7 Trending Jewellery Pieces That Will Update a Basic Outfit ...

Update a basic outfit by simply adding some of the hottest trending jewellery pieces right now. Along with your standard rings and necklaces, jewellery trends are evolving to include a range of new and quirky styles. Ear cuffs and first knuckle rings are some of the top trending pieces to add to your jewellery collection this season. Update your outfits with these trending jewellery pieces.

1. Ear Cuffs

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One of the most on-trend ways to update your look right now is with a chic ear cuff. As far as trending jewellery pieces go, ear cuffs are all the rage. Unlike the small, subtle ear cuffs of the nineties, this season’s jewellery trend is all about making a statement. Look for decorative designs and bejewelled ear armour. Go for designs that wrap around the curve of the ear for maximum impact.

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