Types of Bracelets 💍 for Every 💯 Occasion 🎉 ...

There are lots of types of bracelets. Any outfit will look brilliant and attractive when accessorized with bracelets. The piece could consist of multiple charms and bangles for a more casual feel or could be just a single piece paired with an elegant outfit. There are different kinds of arm candy available, so picking the perfect one for yourself depends on your personal preference or style. Here are some types of bracelets to look at during your search.

1. Bangle Bracelets

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Bangle bracelets are made of various non-precious and precious materials, like gold, silver, glass, plastic or more. Bangles are circular and not flexible. Bangles originated as traditional pieces worn by women primarily in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and South Asia. They are the most useful jewels that can be assembled with ease using various materials and colors. These are popular with all age groups although most women love them for their common cling when adorned together. You can dress-up in an ethnic or exotic outfit with a large set of bracelet bangles in one color or wear two or one neutral colored bracelet bangles to accentuate an everyday casual look. Bangles are definitely one of my favorite types of bracelets.

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