7 Ultra Fashionable Earrings You Need in Your Life ...


7 Ultra Fashionable Earrings You Need in Your Life ...
7 Ultra Fashionable Earrings You Need in Your Life ...

NotJessFashion.com shared these ultra fashionable earrings with us and we could not be more grateful. The perfect pair of earrings can really make an outfit so it makes total sense that you want a fashionable pair that fits your style and rocks your outfit. These ultra fashionable earrings are one part glam, one part trendy, so you know they'll add that little something extra to your wardrobe. Add them all to your collection and you'll be ready for just about anything. Happy shopping!

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Classic Cluster Earrings

face, hair, nose, cheek, woman, The classic cluster earring is subtle, yet powerful. With so many gems and stones to choose from, it’s no wonder this fashionable earring is a stable in so many jewelry boxes, including my own. I favor floral shapes that make me feel ultra-feminine and add an extra sparkle to my face. Feel free to go for whatever geometric pattern or shapes suits your personality. This fashion earring can be worn in additional ear piercings should you have them.
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Sculptured Earrings

hair, face, hairstyle, eyebrow, nose, For the girl who wants to be a little different, the sculptured earring is the ticket. They feel both modern and retro. They are simple enough to match with all sorts of ensembles. Most sculptured earrings are post style, but there are some that dangle down to frame the face. Go for shapes like keys, hearts, animals, rainbows, lightning bolts, or symbols to be cutesy.
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Single Earring

hair, face, hairstyle, eyebrow, wedding dress, Want to conjure the 80s in a flash? Then go for the single earring and you’ll feel like the 80s all over again. The single earring must be one that hangs from the lobe while the other ear rocks a simple studded post. What makes the single earring so cool is that it’s an earring that is unique, like a feather, a key, or any number of designs that capture anyone’s attention fast. Even a large hoop earring will do the job.
Try this one:
jewellery, fashion accessory, body jewelry, silver, $7.20 at amazon.com


Vintage Chandelier Earrings

hair, face, eyebrow, clothing, hairstyle, Seriously, nothing is more gorgeous than a vintage chandelier earring. What little black dress isn’t instantly ignited by a pair of chandelier earrings? The designs range from Victorian to art deco and can be culturally inspired from India and the Middle East. My heart sings when I see a pair of vintage earrings. Add a pair to your accessory list and you’ll be sure to get several compliments.
Try these:
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Bar Earrings

hair, human hair color, face, blond, eyebrow, Not really into earrings, but still want to be a part of the fashionable earring trend? Try the bar earring. It’s dainty and sends the message that you want to go beyond the basic studded post earring. This earring is best worn with the hair up, otherwise, all will be lost behind your locks. Like hoop earrings, silver and gold are classic but go for metallic gem colors, too, to be a bit bolder than the rest.
Try these:
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Hoop Earrings

hair, clothing, photography, hairstyle, black hair, When in doubt, go for the fashionable earrings, hoops, because they go with so many styles that they feel like a neutral in the accessory world. This season, hoop earrings have made a comeback and they can range from big to small. Go for hoop earrings that have engravings or design patterns to make your pair stand out from the rest. Both silver and gold hoops are popping.
Try these:
fashion accessory, rein, body jewelry, chain, hair accessory, $7.99 at amazon.com


Geometric Earrings

hair, face, nose, beauty, hairstyle, One of the most popular fashionable earrings of the season is the geometric earring. They are everywhere and it’s high time to get a pair. Geometric earrings like diamonds and triangles are all the rage. Some are solid and some are cut-outs, but whatever you choose this will be the go-to earring that will give any outfit a little added edge.
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