What Your Engagement Ring Style Says about You ...


What Your Engagement Ring Style Says about You ...
What Your Engagement Ring Style Says about You ...

Wondering what your engagement ring says about you? While the actual purchase was probably made by your significant other, you likely gave your input to help him decide which cut and style was your favorite. Turns out the choice you two have made can tell others more about who you are. Here's what your engagement ring says about you.

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Solitaire Style Ring

Let's start talking about what your engagement ring says about you with the solitaire. You are organized, punctual, and responsible. You appreciate people who call it like they see it. You do not waste your time with petty gossip and social media, but rather you enjoy spending time in the outdoors or traveling the world. Your fiancé understands your independence and supports your spontaneous endeavors. He does not mind that you hate when people beat around the bush but, in fact, finds it quite refreshing. You are career minded, timeless, and are a catch in the wife department.


Halo Style Ring

Good style runs in your blood. You are the type of woman who wouldn’t be caught dead in last year’s fashion. Instead, you have a keen eye for what looks fab and what looks drab. Your fiancé also only wears the latest styles (thanks to you) and doesn’t complain when you take two hours to get ready on a daily basis. Your man is head-over-heels in love with you whether you are in your full face of makeup or just getting out of bed. He understands the way you live your life and lets you live it. Underneath your put-together exterior, you are a sweetheart. You put your family above all else and are all of your friend’s first call. Your guy knows this and feels lucky to stand by your side.


Vintage Style Ring

You are the cool girl. Your friends come to you for advice on the best bars, the most delicious coffee, and for your killer wine recommendations. Your house looks like a board straight off of Pinterest and you can make even a trash bag look cool. Your love for vintage items makes you quite the intellectual and despite your online degree, most people that meet you assume you came straight out of Berkeley with a philosophy degree. Your fiancé is likely to be found at the hippest coffee shop writing for his lifestyle blog. The two of you plan on traveling the world together and probably already own a cat named Buddha. Your man is in love with your free spirit and your open mind in the lovemaking department.


Three-Stone Ring

You are privileged but don’t like to brag about it. Instead of getting a five-karat boulder on your finger, you decided to spread out the bling. Most of your friends are jealous of your relationship. Your fiancé will do absolutely anything for you and you know it. Even though you can manipulate anyone with your sweetness and charm, you choose your victims wisely. Your brilliance and beauty are intimidating to not only your friends but also to your man. His fear of losing you keeps him wrapped around your finger, but you don’t mind.

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