7 Unique Rings by Le Vian to Put on Your Wish List ...

I first saw rings by Le Vian when I was window shopping at a jewelry store a few years ago, and was struck by the uniqueness of their jewelry. The company was founded by Mr. A. LeVian in 1950, whose family history includes guarding the royal jewels in the sixteenth century for King Nadir Shah of Persia! Obviously, the LeVian family has a long history with jewelry, and it shows in some the designs that are inspired by antique pieces. What I love about Le Vian jewelry, especially the rings by Le Vian, is the distinctiveness of the designs. The company also uses various enhancing methods to change and brighten the colors of natural gemstones, and the results of these methods are often stunning. As much as I love their jewelry, for now these pieces have to remain on a wish list because they are too expensive for my current budget, but it is still fun to look!

1. Rhodolite Garnet

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The pear shaped garnet in this ring is absolutely stunning. Le Vian named it the Raspberry Rhodolite Garnet for its delightful raspberry color, which I just adore. It is surrounded by their signature Chocolate Diamonds, and has a strawberry gold band. I have to admit, since garnets are my birthstone, I am partial to this ring. It is not like any other garnet ring I have ever seen before, and it is definitely one of my favorite rings by Le Vian. It's a whopping $1,699.99 at kay.com.

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