8 Cute Necklaces by Mark Poulin ...


Lately Iโ€™ve had a thing for indie jewelry. I love the idea of supporting an artist, not some mega-corporationโ€ฆ and the jewelry is always high-quality and so distinctive! One of my new fave designers in Mark Poulin. His designs are sweet, streamlined and uniqueโ€ฆ especially his necklaces! To illustrate my point, and perhaps hook another fan, here are 8 cute necklaces by Mark Poulin.

1. Mark Poulin Tom Kitty Necklace

Mark Poulin Tom Kitty Necklace

Price: $28.00 at shanalogic.com

This charming little tomcat is on the prowl for a new owner, someone who will wear him and love himโ€ฆ could it be you? After all, youโ€™ve already fallen for his sweetly striped ears and tail, so why not? He hangs from a silver-colored nylon cord, and is made from bright sterling silver. If you love him, take note: thereโ€™s also a matching ring.

Mark Poulin Bandit Love Necklace
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