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7 Gorgeous Necklaces by Violet Bella ...

By Jennifer

When the photographer and indie designer behind Violet Bella, Laura, launched her jewelry line, she named it after her dog, Violet, and her cat, Bella… and as sweet as you think that story is, that’s how darling her necklaces are. They’re all vintage-inspired, hand-made, and utterly beautiful. I’m constantly checking Ruche and Violet Bella’s Etsy shop for new necklaces, and lately, I haven’t been disappointed… and now I have to share with you! Here are 7 gorgeous necklaces by Violet Bella.

Table of contents:

  1. Every stitch counts indie necklace by violet bella
  2. Autumn mix tape necklace by violet bella
  3. Smile for the camera necklace by violet bella
  4. Walk or ride bicycle necklace by violet bella
  5. Patina feather and miniature key necklace by violet bella
  6. Secret garden key indie necklace by violet bella
  7. The key to flight butterfly indie necklace by violet bella

1 Every Stitch Counts Indie Necklace by Violet Bella

Price: $16.00 at
Dangling daintily from the end of an 18-inch brass chain is a pretty dark pink acrylic bead and a small sewing machine charm, just like the one your grandmother used to make the dresses your mother is wearing in all of those photos you love of her as a little girl. Wear it with your own vintage-inspired handmade dress, or one that you’ve found while scouring a thrift shop.

2 Autumn Mix Tape Necklace by Violet Bella

Price: $18.99 at
Celebrate autumn no matter what season it is with this darling necklace, featuring a brass mix tape — perhaps filled with your favorite tunes for eating fresh donut and drinking hot cider at the pumpkin patch? — and a tiny maple leaf, all suspended on an 18-inch brass chain.

3 Smile for the Camera Necklace by Violet Bella

Price: $15.99 at
Let the world know your passion — photography — with this vintage-inspired necklace. It features a tiny turquoise bead and a tiny brass camera charm. The charm is flat, so feel free to layer this necklace, which measures just over 18 inches long, with other chains for a sweet Boho look that’s sure to get noticed, and perhaps land you a new shooting gig.

4 Walk or Ride Bicycle Necklace by Violet Bella

Price: $15.99 at
You’ve given up your gas-guzzling sedan in favor of a more eco-friendly lifestyle, biking everywhere you go, to the studio, the salon, classes across campus, and you’re so proud of it. Or perhaps you just enjoy biking on the weekends, and want to let everyone know all about your cycling prowess. Either way, this sweet necklace, with a copper-colored bicycle charm and one tiny teal flower bead, will do the trick beautifully.

5 Patina Feather and Miniature Key Necklace by Violet Bella

Price: $27.99 at
This brass necklace holds three charms — a long, lush patina feather, a tiny brass key, and a singularly beautiful red rose bead. Wear it every day, to build your own memories, and wonder what treasure chest or ancient diary that key might unlock.

6 Secret Garden Key Indie Necklace by Violet Bella

Price: $23.99 at
This necklace reminds me so much of a cameo my great grandmother used to have, the one she wore on her wedding day, with a sweet rose in the center. Hers didn’t have the small turquoise bead and tiny key along with it, but that’s just as well. This necklace is about 19 inches long, and would look so pretty with a floral-print dress, or with light-wash skinny jeans and a lacy tunic.

7 The Key to Flight Butterfly Indie Necklace by Violet Bella

Price: $35.99 at
A solitary patina butterfly flits up, skyward, seeking the sun’s warmth, and you, my dear, hold the key to her flight. The key itself is brass, the butterfly is blue, and the sun? It’s a round yellow bead, all suspended from a 19-inch brass chain. Wear it with a short-sleeved tee, cuffed linen shorts, a long-line vest, and flats or oxfords for a summer-time look.

I love all of these necklaces — they’re so sweet — especially their distinctly vintage feel. Which of these necklaces do you like best, and how would you wear it? Please share!

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