8 Eye-Catching Big Rings ...


8 Eye-Catching Big Rings ...
8 Eye-Catching Big Rings ...

Big rings are, have been and probably will continue to be a big must-have so I simply must use this post to point that out and suggest some fabulous ones I’ve seen in various online shops. These simple and yet very interesting pieces make the whole accessorizing routine much easier and faster to do. If you have a huge ring, you don’t have to bother with any other jewelry – just put it on your finger and you’re ready to roll! Well, since I strongly believe not even an economy crisis can stop us from looking like a million bucks, today’s list of fabulous finds will be about 9 eye-catching big rings that put the S into both Style and Saving!

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Pearl Center Flower Ring by Forever21

Pearl Center Flower Ring by Forever21 Price: $3.80 at forever21.com
Sweet, big and yet, very neutral – This ring is the perfect way to complete an ultra trendy nude look. So start layering those see thru fabrics and don’t forget to put this baby on your finger before you go out! Final sale at Forever 21 will enable you to get this fabulous find for an absolutely fabulous price! I mean, come on, $3.80? Isn’t that roughly equivalent to what you’d pay for two packs of gums?


Jet Stone Statement Cocktal Ring by ASOS

Jet Stone Statement Cocktal Ring by ASOS Price: $14.34 at asos.com
Wow! You want something shocking and “in your face”? Well, this is the ring to go for! Darker than the darkest night and more fabulous than the word itself, your middle finger will thank you for adorning it with this ASOS fabulous find!


Oversized Swirl Metal and Crystal Ring by ASOS

Oversized Swirl Metal and Crystal Ring by ASOS Price: $21.52 at asos.com
Another dominant ASOS find ready to glam up your breathtaking outfit. Wear it with a little black dress and feel comfortable and confident knowing that you’ve managed to pull off a perfectly accessorized black tie look like a true old Hollywood diva.


Vintage Locket Ring by ASOS

Vintage Locket Ring by ASOS Price: $14.34 at asos.com
This cute book in the burnished gold shade opens to reveal a round vintage-style “frame” that is supposed to hold the photo of your beau. As you can see, the modern idea of “being close to heart” is “being at hand” and that’s exactly what you can expect from this ring. Romantic? Not really but throw in the idea of having a unique accessory that’s bound to cause some serious attention, and you’ll understand why it’s worth having.


Two Tone Layered Stone Cocktail Ring by ASOS

Two Tone Layered Stone Cocktail Ring by ASOS Price: $17.03 at asos.com
How to have your cake and eat it, too? Well, at ASOS, the amount of money you spend on an accessory isn’t proportional to the quality and the “WOW” effect you’ll get and I mean that in the most positive, customer-friendly way. Chunky, expensive-looking ring like this will take everybody’s breath away and you’ll be able to wear it with pride knowing that you’ve found the perfect way to balance your exquisite taste for jewelry with the global effect of economy crisis!


Teacup and Saucer Ring by ASOS

Teacup and Saucer Ring by ASOS Price: $14.34 at asos.com
Are you brave enough to show off this zany ring? It’s fun, cool, unusual and definitely something only a very creative individual could pull off. People will ask to see it and demand to know where you got it so be prepared to answer a lot of questions and receive tons of compliments. Enjoy!


Turquoise Stone Ring by Forever 21

Turquoise Stone Ring by Forever 21 Price: $5.80 at forever21.com
Final sale at this shop means you’ll be able to snag this faux turquoise ring for just a fraction of the price you’d pay for a real turquoise encrusted one. Perfect, huh? So save your money for a real precious stone of choice and get this perfect replica to wear occasionally in the mean time. Is it worth it? Of course! Big rings with stones of different colors look amazing so, as long as you don’t wear them all together, the rule is “the more, the merrier!”


Jeweled Flower Cocktail Ring by ASOS

Jeweled Flower Cocktail Ring by ASOS Price: $21.52 at asos.com
Unbelievably huge and oh-so-in-your-face, having this ring in your collection means you’ll never have to bother with matching jewelry pieces again. You don’t need a necklace or a bracelet, this ring is so dominant and stylish that you could wear a very simple outfit and still look more dressed up than anyone else.

What’s your opinion on eye-catching big rings? Yay or Nay? I love them very much but I also think big rings simply speak for themselves so they shouldn’t be combined with chunky necklaces or bangles. One eye-catching piece at a time – That’s my motto.

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