7 Chic Cuffs ...


Cuffs are a chic way of accessorising an outfit. Unlike bracelets and bangles, cuffs often have an opening and are structurally solid. They can come in a range of design, sizes, and materials. They can be worn loose on the wrist or pushed further up the arm. Below are a few chic cuffs for you to check out.

1. Etro Hammered Gold-Plated Cuff

Etro Hammered Gold-Plated Cuff

Price: $375.00 at net-a-porter.com

This gold-plated brass cuff would make an eye-catching accessory. It has hinged wrap effect panels and hammered detailing. The size of this cuff covers a substantial area of the forearm. As the cuff is quite heavy in appearance, try pairing it with finer and more delicate metallic accents.

Topshop Cut out Large Cuff
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