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7 Pretty Pieces by Anomaly Jewelry ...

By Jennifer

I confess I have an unnatural addiction to jewelry, and to Etsy. A quick peek inside my over-flowing jewelry box will be telling — this addiction is starting to get out of hand, but I do have lots of cute pieces! I’ve recently discovered a designer called Anomaly Jewelry, so my addiction’s not going to be cured anytime soon. Want to see why? Here are 7 pretty pieces by Anomaly Jewelry.

1 Anomaly Jewelry Sweet Tooth Necklace - Fawn

Anomaly Jewelry Sweet Tooth Necklace - FawnPrice: $240.00 at
I’ve never seen anything this adorable before! It’s a tiny perfect fawnlette, tucked inside a classic sugar cone with the word “sweet” emblazoned across the front. It’s a little vintage, a lot charming! Wouldn’t this make a cute gift, too? It’s also available with an elephant instead of a fawn, but I like the fawn better.

2 Anomaly Jewelry Silver Winged Seahorse Necklace

Anomaly Jewelry Silver Winged Seahorse NecklacePrice: $50.00 at
If a winged horse is a Pegasus, what is a winged seahorse? No matter what you call it, this little guy is darling, with his tiny wings and cute curling tail. He measures just ¾” tall, and dangles from a dainty 18” sterling silver chain.

3 Anomaly Jewelry Silver Unicorn Necklace

Anomaly Jewelry Silver Unicorn NecklacePrice: $40.00 at
This is the necklace you’ve been looking for since you were a little girl, dreaming of a unicorn of your own. He’s hand-cast in sterling silver and measures less than an inch tall, but he’s so detailed, from his perfect horn to his dainty hooves. What a sweet new everyday necklace!

4 Anomaly Jewelry Little Skull Necklace

Anomaly Jewelry Little Skull NecklacePrice: $50.00 at
Go a little punk with this pirate-inspired necklace. The skull and crossbones are hand-cast in sterling silver, measuring a half-inch across, suspended from an 18-inch sterling silver chain. It’s a little bad-ass, but somehow still sweet.

5 Anomaly Jewelry Silver Fawn Stud Earrings

Anomaly Jewelry Silver Fawn Stud EarringsPrice: $60.00 at
These tiny, adorable stud earrings feature the same sweet fawn as the necklace. They measure ¼” across, and are made of shiny sterling silver. Wear them with the fawn pendant or by themselves for a little woodland whimsy everyday!

6 Anomaly Jewelry Leopard Wrap Ring

Anomaly Jewelry Leopard Wrap RingPrice: $60.00 at
What’s new pussycat? How about this ring? It’s super-chic, with two leopard heads, one at each end of this sterling silver band. I love the detail, including the ferocious feline faces and the spectacular spots. And because this is a wrap ring, it fits almost any finger, from size 6 to 9.

7 Anomaly Jewelry Little Mermaid Earrings

Anomaly Jewelry Little Mermaid EarringsPrice: $50.00 at
These two ladies are the sweetest things under the sea, more marvelous that mysterious. They’re tiny, measuring only a third of an inch tall, but they’re richly detailed, and are made of lush sterling silver. Wear them with an otherwise demure outfit for a little unexpected cuteness every time you flip your hair.

Now that you’ve seen all of these pieces by Anomaly Jewelry, do you see why I’m so hooked? I especially love that little fawn ice-cream cone— have you ever seen anything more adorable? Which of these pieces by Anomaly do you like best, and why? Please share!

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