7 Gorgeous Necklaces by Violet Bella ...

When the photographer and indie designer behind Violet Bella, Laura, launched her jewelry line, she named it after her dog, Violet, and her cat, Bella… and as sweet as you think that story is, that’s how darling her necklaces are. They’re all vintage-inspired, hand-made, and utterly beautiful. I’m constantly checking Ruche and Violet Bella’s Etsy shop for new necklaces, and lately, I haven’t been disappointed… and now I have to share with you! Here are 7 gorgeous necklaces by Violet Bella.

1. Every Stitch Counts Indie Necklace by Violet Bella

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Price: $16.00 at shopruche.com
Dangling daintily from the end of an 18-inch brass chain is a pretty dark pink acrylic bead and a small sewing machine charm, just like the one your grandmother used to make the dresses your mother is wearing in all of those photos you love of her as a little girl. Wear it with your own vintage-inspired handmade dress, or one that you’ve found while scouring a thrift shop.

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