7 Gorgeous Statement Necklaces by Peggy Skemp ...

One quick peek at Peggy Skemp’s jewelry designs and one thing’s clear: she has a thing for science. All of her pieces are incredibly detailed. Each tiny curling tentacle has dozens of suction cups, the hearts come in accurate dorsal or ventral views, and the antlers are regal and delicate, art imitating life to the extreme. If you’re not familiar with Skemp’s work, you really need to get acquainted. Here are 7 gorgeous statement necklaces by Peggy Skemp.

1. Peggy Skemp Half Heart Necklace

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Price: $120.00 at peggyskemp.com
What an ideal gift for your beloved! This tiny, realistic heart is available in two lovely views, dorsal or ventral. My own sweetheart is a cardiac nurse, and was amazed at the accurate details. It’s small and sweet, measuring three inches long, suspended from a delicate silver chain.

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