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8 Cute Necklaces by Mark Poulin ...

By Jennifer

Lately I’ve had a thing for indie jewelry. I love the idea of supporting an artist, not some mega-corporation… and the jewelry is always high-quality and so distinctive! One of my new fave designers in Mark Poulin. His designs are sweet, streamlined and unique… especially his necklaces! To illustrate my point, and perhaps hook another fan, here are 8 cute necklaces by Mark Poulin.

1 Mark Poulin Tom Kitty Necklace

Mark Poulin Tom Kitty Necklace Price: $28.00 at
This charming little tomcat is on the prowl for a new owner, someone who will wear him and love him… could it be you? After all, you’ve already fallen for his sweetly striped ears and tail, so why not? He hangs from a silver-colored nylon cord, and is made from bright sterling silver. If you love him, take note: there’s also a matching ring.

2 Mark Poulin Bandit Love Necklace

Mark Poulin Bandit Love Necklace Price: $28.00 at
This darling little raccoon didn’t wait to make a sweet first impression — he just stole your heart straight away! He’s made of shiny sterling silver, and features a sly expression and clever striped tail. How adorable… I mean, how stealthy!

3 Mark Poulin Mr. Quadrupus Necklace

Mark Poulin Mr. Quadrupus Necklace Price: $28.00 at
You won’t mind that this little guy only has four tentacles, four short of being a true octopus. I mean, he’s still just as cute, still just as delightful, ready to wear alone or layered with another silver necklace. I adore the surprised look on his little face!

4 Mark Poulin Puppy Love Necklace

Mark Poulin Puppy Love Necklace Price: $28.00 at
Announce your love of all things canine with this necklace, made of sterling silver. It features an adorable puppy with perky ears, standing behind a round heart. He would also make a thoughtful gift for the animal lover in your circle of friends, wouldn’t he?

5 Mark Poulin Kitty Love Necklace

Mark Poulin Kitty Love Necklace Price: $28.00 at
Perhaps this is the kitty that’s the target of Tom Kitty’s affection, and can you blame him for being smitten? She is utterly adorable, dressed in an oversized kitty tee with a heart in the middle. Wear her alone, or better still, with her feline paramour, Tom himself.

6 Mark Poulin Crowned Heart Necklace

Mark Poulin Crowned Heart Necklace Price: $28.00 at
Celebrate your own sweetie, or just romance in general, with this gorgeous necklace! It features a softly rounded heart wearing a pointed crown, ready to wear layered with another necklace or just on its own. What an ideal necklace to wear on Valentine’s Day!

7 Mark Poulin Unicorn Love Necklace

Mark Poulin Unicorn Love Necklace Price: $28.00 at
What girl hasn’t loved unicorns at one time or another? And who doesn’t secretly still harbor some affection for the magical creatures, especially one as sweet and charming as this one? He doesn’t follow the classic unicorn form, but what of it? He’s darling and rounded, with a sweet face and a single stripy horn.

8 Mark Poulin Bunny Necklace

Mark Poulin Bunny Necklace Price: $28.00 at
Hippity-hoppity, look who’s on his way! This sweet little bunny, crouched low before a big bounce, with big floppy ears and a puffy little tail. Wear him on Easter, then all spring long… or in the middle of winter to remind you that warmer days are ahead!

Aren’t all of these necklaces just adorable? How will you ever pick just one… and really, why would you have to? I adore the little unicorn, and that Tom Kitty is so sweet, too! Which of these cute necklaces by Mark Poulin do you like best, and why? Or would you want to see him attempt another cute critter? Please let me know!

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