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8 Darling Rings by Mark Poulin ...

By Jennifer

I’ve loved Mark Poulin’s jewelry designs since the first time I spied one of his sweet, stark little animals faces on a necklace. His designs are simple and sweet, and so many of them are available exclusively at one of m favorite indie sites, Shana Logic. Whenever I’m feeling blue, I do a little window shopping for an instant bunny or puppy (or raccoon!) inspired pick-me-up. They’re so cute, and so sweet, I just have to share them with you. Prepare for some “awws” and keep reading! Here are 8 darling rings by Mark Poulin.

Table of contents:

  1. Silver kitty ring
  2. Star-gazing puppy ring
  3. Birdie love ring
  4. Unicorn ring
  5. Star-kitty ring
  6. Kitty love ring
  7. Raccoon love ring
  8. Bunny love ring

1 Silver Kitty Ring

Price: $44.00 at
Sold exclusively at Shana Logic, you won’t find this adorable ring anywhere else! It’s similar to the cute Tom Kitty ring, but more streamlined, rounder, possibly the girlie-kitty version. Perhaps she’s Tom Kitty’s lady love, so fair and sweet? She’s darling!

2 Star-Gazing Puppy Ring

Price: $65.00 at
This adorable ring is made of cast sterling silver and features a cute black and white puppy gazing up at a single red star, all on a white enamel background. I love the one little pop of color from the star… what a sweet ring to wear with an LBD!

3 Birdie Love Ring

Price: $65.00 at
This skinny little birdie is in love… but with whom? He’s looking adoringly up from a background of sunshine yellow, with a red heart floating above his wide-eyed little head. The ring is made of cast sterling silver, and the center is made of sleek enamel.

4 Unicorn Ring

Price: $65.00 at
What little girl wasn’t, at one time or another, fascinated with unicorns? And secretly, who among us isn’t still a little captivated by them? Celebrate your semi-obsession with this pretty ring, featuring a wily black unicorn on a cornflower blue enamel background.

5 Star-Kitty Ring

Price: $65.00 at
I can’t quite say why, but this kitty ring reminds me of Christmas. This sweet little kitty is wearing a red and yellow striped sweater and ears, with a red star hanging above his sweet face — what, not mistletoe? The ring I made of cast sterling silver, with an enamel center for the design.

6 Kitty Love Ring

Price: $65.00 at
This sweet little kitty is in love! How can I tell? Well, the tiny red heart floating above his head is a definite tip-off… and it’s amazing how much adoration you can detect in his little face, with pointy ears and a pair of winsome eyes.

7 Raccoon Love Ring

Price: $65.00 at
Designed by Poulin for Ms. Shana Logic herself, this cast sterling silver ring features a green enamel center with a sneaky little raccoon bandit peeking out. He’s in love, too, as evidenced by the little red heart above his head. How adorable!

8 Bunny Love Ring

Price: $65.00 at
The last of our menagerie of smitten animals is this tall-eared bunny, crouched low to show off his puffy tail, with the trademark heart above his head. He’s peering out from a blue background, and would look so cute with a vintage-inspired plaid or floral top and light-wash skinny jeans.

After seeing all of these adorable rings, you’ll be delighted to know Poulin also does necklaces… eek! So cute! Which of these adorable rings do you like best, and why? Or is there another creature (like maybe a prickly hedgehog?) you’d love to see him try?

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