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7 Gorgeous Yellow Diamonds by Tiffany ...

By Jennifer

I love diamonds… but not the plain white ones. I prefer the colorful ones, the ones that sparkle and shine in every color of the rainbow! Colored diamonds are sturdier than their similarly-hued counterparts, like citrines and sapphires and emeralds, so they last longer, too! I’m especially fond of yellow diamonds, and my favorite jewelry designer, Tiffany, has an entire line of them I adore. You need to see them! Here are 7 gorgeous yellow diamonds by Tiffany…

Table of contents:

  1. Tiffany keys round kaleidoscope key pendant
  2. Tiffany bezet yellow diamond ring
  3. Tiffany soleste yellow diamond ring
  4. Elsa peretti open heart pendant
  5. Tiffany bezet yellow diamond pendant
  6. Elsa peretti diamonds by the yard pendant
  7. Tiffany bezet yellow diamond pendant

1 Tiffany Keys round Kaleidoscope Key Pendant

Price: $7,750.00 at
This pendant is part of the Tiffany Keys collection, in the classic kaleidoscope pattern, with a gorgeous cushion-cut yellow diamond in the center and rows of glittering white diamonds all around. Circling the diamonds is a ring of brilliant 18-karat yellow gold, highlighting the color of the diamond, and the rest of the pendant is bright platinum to set off the white diamonds.

2 Tiffany Bezet Yellow Diamond Ring

Price: $2,250.00 at
Here’s another magnificent, vivid yellow cushion-cut bezel-set diamond, set this time in a thin band of 18-karat yellow gold. For a nominal charge, the band is also available in platinum, but I prefer the yellow gold. Stunning!

3 Tiffany Soleste Yellow Diamond Ring

Price: $7,100.00 at
This is the ultimate cocktail ring, with a beautiful yellow diamond set in the middle of two rows of round-cut white diamonds and a platinum band with even more white diamonds. The prongs holding the center diamond in place are 18-karat yellow gold, blending well with the canary-yellow stone.

4 Elsa Peretti Open Heart Pendant

Price: $1,125.00 at
This sweetly curved open heart is the most popular of all of Elsa Peretti’s designs, and this one is stunning. It’s made of gleaming 18-karat yellow gold and set on the outside edge with five round-cut yellow diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.04. It dangles prettily from a 16-inch gold chain.

5 Tiffany Bezet Yellow Diamond Pendant

Price: $3,150.00 at
Take one rare, dazzling yellow diamond, cushion-cut and bezel-set in 18-karat yellow gold and platinum, and suspend it from a platinum chain measuring 16 inches long. That’s the formula for this breath-taking pendant, done the way only Tiffany can. Wouldn’t this be wonderful to wear on your wedding day?

6 Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard Pendant

Price: $9,000.00 at
While most of the Tiffany yellow diamonds are cushion-cut, this one’s unique, with a tear-drop shaped pear cut. It’s set in 18-karat yellow gold on a 16-inch chain, and is one of m favorite Elsa Peretti designs. It’s so dazzling!

7 Tiffany Bezet Yellow Diamond Pendant

Price: $10,800.00 at
I adore the sparkle and shine, the glitter and glamour of pavé-set diamonds, and the ones surrounding the main stone of this pendant are spectacular. The center stone is a sunshine-brilliant yellow cushion-cut diamond in a bezel setting of 18-karat yellow gold. The pendant hangs on a delicate 18-karat gold chain measuring 16 inches.

Now that you’ve seen part of the Tiffany yellow diamonds line, I’m sure you’ll agree — they’re gorgeous! I love the color and the shine… and that first ring from item 2 is my favorite! Which of these Tiffany yellow diamonds do you like best, and why? Do tell!

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